Braided knit necklace



Silver round necklace for women.

Beautiful sterling silver necklace made of dense braided mesh to form a silver fabric in the shape of a tube. These meshes are made with a fine silver thread that is braided by a machine. The necklace is round and hollow, so that it is semi-rigid, you can put it in shape around your neck and it will keep its curved shape in a natural way because of the rigidity of the braiding constituting it.

The collar has a regular round section of 3.5 mm in diameter along the length of the necklace, it is also 45 cm long for a total weight of 24 grams, which makes it quite dense, but still light to wear around the neck.

The dense and tight network of stitches makes this necklace semi-rigid, giving it a fall in a perfect circular arc around your neck as shown in the pictures of the jewel. This necklace design is therefore ideal for women who always tangle with necklaces made of very fine silver chains.

The collar ends with a ratchet clasp with safety latch in 8 ensuring a secure hold of it to your neck. A push button is present on the clasp of the clasp to allow you to easily remove the collar.

This jewel is made of silver wire braided by machines and is not manufactured in our workshop.

Who is this necklace for?

This necklace is made for a woman loving collars clearly visible around the neck but not wanting a jewel too heavy. This mesh gives rigidity and lightness to the necklace. It can easily be an ornament with this braided silver bracelet from our collection.

Handcrafted Jewelry

Please note that this necklace is not made in Our jewelery workshop, but comes from a traditional manufacturing workshop located in Taxco in the state of Guerrero in Mexico. We are neither the creators of this design, nor the manufacturers, but just the resellers in this case.

If you want to make your necklace according to your measurements and according to your design, we invite you to consult our different achievements of gold and silver bracelets.

And on the other hand to contact us via this online form. to let us know about your project. We will come back to you with an estimate of the making of it.

How choose your necklace

Our mesh guide for necklace chains will certainly help you to make your necklace choice.

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