Chain gourmette triple



Made-to-measure manufacture of a triple gourmette bracelet.

It is a special chain composed of three chain link chains juxtaposed in opposite directions to form a single semi-rigid and very wide chain. The joined links are filed, then welded together, while ensuring the mobility of each of these links with the front and rear links. So that the chain is semi-rigid considering that its meshes are made of the assembly of three simple meshes between them.

Given the final rigidity, this type of semi-rigid chain is suitable for bracelets but not for necklaces.

Due to its design, this kind of large bracelet is heavy and is more suitable for men looking for a visible but elegant jewel. Attention, this type of bracelet is relatively heavy, at least 200 grams in general in silver 925.

For the manufacture of your bracelet, we need to know the length of the bracelet and the desired width for the latter in order to study your project.

Who is this bracelet for?

Man or woman loving big jewelry, who is a fan of singer Christophe and who wants to wear a reproduction of this silver bracelet that is worn by the singer.

Shipping fees

For the delivery of your bracelet, you have the choice between the economic delivery, a delay of 14 days being done by postal parcel followed and UPS delivery of a period of 3/6 days via parcel also.

Handcrafted Jewelry

Our jewelery workshop is not manufactured in series or stock, your bracelet will be manufactured in our own workshop following your order.

Please take into account a period of 7 weeks for the manufacture of the latter in our workshop before shipping your package.

We master every step of the way, from CAD modeling, 3D printing, lost wax casting, precious metal ankle work, to the setting of fine stones and diamonds. guarantee the quality of our jewelry.

You can also choose to customize your bracelet, for that you just have to contact us via online form.

How choose your bracelet

In order to choose the best bracelet, we invite you to measure your wrist circumference as explained in this online tutorial and to consult our guide for bracelets that will certainly help you in your choice.

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