Egyptian hieroglyph pendant in gold



Egyptian hieroglyphics pendant in 18 karat gold.

The design of this pendant was designed for enthusiasts of ancient Egyptian culture. It presents a pendant in the form of a plate taking the shape of the rosette stone on which are molded in relief symbolic Egyptian hieroglyphics having no particular meaning in the case of this pendant.

As a reminder, the rosette stone was discovered in 1799 and it is the first fragment of a stele discovered (there were three in total) engraved with the same decree written in 3 languages:  Egyptian in hieroglyphics, Egyptian in demotic and ancient Greek and which allowed the deciphering of hieroglyphics in 1822 by Champolion. Deciphering hieroglyphs was complicated by the fact that there are three different types of hieroglyphics:

  • Word-signs (ideograms): which designate an object or an action
  • Phonetic signs (phonograms): a sound or syllable
  • Determinatives: silent sign indicating the lexical field of the word

This pendant is 22 millimeters high by 17 millimeters wide and 26 millimeters with the chain loop for a total weight of approximately 3.8 grams in 18 karat gold. It is therefore a fairly large and robust pendant that will be clearly visible around your neck.

The finish of the pendant is brushed at the level of the plate while the hieroglyphic inscriptions are in polished gold allowing to offer a nice contrast of colors and to better discern the hieroglyphs.

When ordering, you have the choice, via the side drop-down menu, of the 18-carat gold color of your jewel: yellow gold, pink gold or 18-carat white gold

Please note, only the pendant is sold and delivered without a chain. You can discover this fine 18 carat gold chain which will be suitable for wearing your pendant.

Who is this pendant for?

Of course, this pendant is for enthusiasts of ancient Egyptian culture which greatly influenced the Greeks and intrigued European civilizations. The person to whom you could offer this pendant has already expressed an interest in this culture and deciphering this language.

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