Flower of life bracelet


Flower of life bracelet in 18k gold.

Thin, original and finely cut bracelet inspired by our flower of life pendant design in gold. This bracelet takes on a smaller size the design of the flower of life, mounted on a flexible bracelet with jaseron links 2 millimeters wide and finished with a lobster clasp 5 millimeters wide.

The flower of life shown on this bracelet is 22 millimeters wide by 23 millimeters high and features an original hexagonal shape made of circular arcs representing the petals of a flower. In the middle are represented 7 flowers intertwined and finely cut by hand in a laminated 18 carat gold plate.

As a reminder, the flower of life is a thousand-year-old symbol of humanity which is still in vogue today, brought back to the fore since the flower power revolution, which brought with it the awakening of self-awareness. .

This bracelet is approximately 4.3 grams in size 17 centimeters.

This bracelet will fit well on your wrist, light while being clearly visible, it is comfortable to wear and can accompany you everywhere, the jaseron chain of 2 millimeters being resistant to everyday damages.

This flexible bracelet is available in different colors of 18 carat gold via the drop-down side menu, with a choice of: white gold, yellow gold or pink gold. 

Who is this bracelet for?

This bracelet will be the favorite object of an active woman looking for a luxurious bracelet on the theme of self-awareness and personal development and which will find in the flower of life the symbol of well-being between oneself and nature.

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