Flower of life pendant


Flower of life pendant in 18 karat solid gold.

It is a pendant featuring the design of the flower of life, a thousand-year-old geometry which archaeological traces have been found  in the history of many ancient civilizations (Assyrians, Egyptians ...).

This is an original vivalatina design, incorporating the design of the constituent circles 7 flowers with 6 petals, one in the center surrounded by 6 other flowers distributed in hexagon on the periphery.

Unlike other designs that are often found elsewhere, the perimeter of the flower of life is made of 6 arcs of circles following a hexagon and giving the external image of a flower with 6 petals shaped curve.

This pendant is 30 millimeters wide for a total height of 40 millimeters and a weight of about 7 grams.

It is available in solid yellow, white and pink gold.

Being manufactured on request, take into account a delay of 4 weeks for its manufacture.

Free UPS express shipping.