Jeanne d'arc ring



Jeanne d'Arc ring in 18 karat gold.

This ring is a faithful reproduction of the only one of the 3 rings worn by the virgin of Orleans that has come down to us. Joan of Arc is today a mythical figure in the history of France, having participated, what am I saying, injecting the force to push the English back from the territory in the 15th century, during the 100 Years War. She thus marked the history of France and 500 years after her death, she is one of the indisputable figures of the French nation.

This ring, the original having belonged to Joan of Arc, has caused much ink to flow, following its purchase and repatriation to the national territory by Philippe de Villiers on behalf of Puy-du-fou, its authenticity being disputed. by journalists like those from Le Point here, who, as you can see in Nicolas de Villiers' right of reply, certain journalists do not hesitate to say nonsense and to ignore their subject completely.

In short, the ring exhibited in Puy-du-fou comes from Joan of Arc after its former owners, it corresponds in every way to the description made by Joan of Arc during her trial in 1431 and was dated 15th century by a laboratory of expertise.

The ring offered here is a faithful reproduction of the ring exhibited in Puy-du-fou, presented in new condition as the ring should have been during its manufacture in the 15th century. It is offered in solid 18-karat gold while the period ring was in silver, certainly gold-plated.

On the top of the ring we can discern the engraving of IHS, acronym of Jesus Christ and on the other side of the plate the inscription Maria, you can also discover the description of this ring made by Joan of Arc on the wikipedia site here.

This ring is 7 millimeters wide in the upper part and weighs 6.5 grams in size 6, the gold weight of your ring may vary slightly depending on your ring size.

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Who is this ring for?

This ring is intended for a Christian, perhaps, for a person with a history of history, who loves antique objects and who will be happy to wear a reproduction of a French heritage object as a piece of jewelry.

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