Kitsune silver ring



Making of a custom kitsune silver ring size US 11 following this description:


  • make a similar ring 100% in silver (without goldplated parts)
  • get rid away of the stones on the back of the fox, keep two rubies for the eyes
  • the ring is like a corkscrew with the tails passing of the head * (The head should face right and be further up the finger and the tail facing left below it)
  • the tail will have 9 parts not 8
  • the head will be a copy of the fox mask shown on the picture you send to me * (yes elongated and ethereal like that one but to clarify it should be a complete head, not just a mask)

    The time necessary for making the ring is 2/3 weeks for the CAD model and 5 weeks for the ring.

    Ring is is US 11 to be confirmed by the client.

    UPS delivery is included in the quote.