Mayan bracelet engraved



Maya style bracelet in sterling silver.

This is a large, flexible bracelet for women of ethnic type composed of 6 thick rectangular links in solid silver. These links are engraved with Mayan patterns similar to those found in the form of glyphs, engraved on the Mayan pyramids and temples.

Each of the links is connected to the others by a silver ring which gives him a good mobility, ensuring your comfort when wearing your bracelet.

The bracelet is 18 cm long and almost 11 mm wide. The links of the bracelet are relatively thick and the bracelet weighs a total of 33 grams.

You'll notice the ratchet clasp that securely closes the wristband, while being easy to operate with one hand, allowing you to easily put and remove this wristband from your wrist.

The background of the engraving is oxidized black (this oxidation of silver is natural) offering a beautiful contrast with the polished silver highlighting the engravings of the Maya glyphs of the bracelet.

This bracelet is intended for a woman looking for an ethnic jewel filled with history and cultural symbols, which she will feel the presence on the wrist and will be clearly visible with her outfit. This woman is certainly already wearing ethnic silver jewelry engraved with original designs that will marry very well with this bracelet.

You can see here the Maya necklace matching this bracelet or this pair of Maya earrings.

Please note that this bracelet is not made in our jewelery workshop.

Shipping fees

For the delivery of your ring, you have the choice between the economic delivery, a delay of 14 days being done by postal parcel followed and UPS delivery of a period of 3/6 days via parcel also.

Handcrafted Jewelry

Please note that this bracelet is not made in our jewelery workshop, but comes from a traditional manufacturing workshop located in Taxco in the state of Guerrero in Mexico. We are neither the creators of this design, nor the manufacturers, but just the resellers in this case.

How choose your bracelet

In order to choose the best bracelet, we invite you to measure your wrist circumference as explained in this online tutorial and to consult our guide for bracelets that will certainly help you in your choice.

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