Men solitaire diamond ring


Men's ring in 18 karat gold with solitaire diamond set with a closed necklace.

It is a masculine ring with a lot of style, with a sober worked design.

The ring body is made of a thick ring hollowed out from the inside and decorated on the ring uprights by a lateral cartridge on each sidelined with black enamel.

At the top of the ring, around the diamond, the ring body ends with two gold cylinders giving a touch of originality to the ring.

In the center, a closed set mount receives a solitary diamond shining with all its fires.

The diamond is 4.7 millimeters in diameter and weighs 0.39 carat HSI quality. The diamond comes with a certificate of warranty from a gemological laboratory.


The ring is 4 millimeters wide at the bottom and almost 9.5 millimeters at the top for a gold weight of about 9 grams in size 60.

The ring is made to order according to your finger size, so take into account a delay of 5 weeks for the preparation of it before shipment.

Free UPS shipping delivery.