Natural opal necklace in gold


18 karat gold necklace with natural fire opal cut in cabochon.

This modern necklace is designed around a natural Welo opal from Ethiopia. This large opal is set by 4 large prongs in the middle of three oval and curved rings. These three rings appear free on the visuals but they are in fact discreetly welded together.

Each of the three rings has its own dimensions and is curved outward in order to give volume to the pendant and a completely atypical visual rendering.

The chain of the necklace is a chain with a Rolo link measuring 2 millimeters in diameter and ending in a lobster-type clasp of 5 millimeters in diameter.

The opal stone is a cabochon 12 millimeters in length by 10 millimeters in width, so quite large. This is a natural Welo opal from Ethiopia which, needless to say, are among the most beautiful opals in the world, both translucent and offering a rainbow of color that virtual photos struggle. to imitate. You can view one of these welo opals set on one of our rings here.

This pendant particularly highlights the opal stone. This pendant is 18 millimeters wide by 22 millimeters high and 27 millimeters in all with the chain loop for a total gold weight of 6,5 grams of 18-karats gold.

When ordering, you have the choice, via the side drop-down menu, of the 18-carat gold color of your jewel: yellow gold, white gold, or pink gold.

Who is this necklace for?

This necklace is made for an opal lover looking for a feminine and modern opal necklace design that show both, the colorful opal lights and originality.

Shipping fees

Free UPS shipping fees to the US. Delivery lead time is 3/6 days after shipping. We ship your jewelry after making it in our workshop.

Handcrafted Jewelry

Our artisanal jewelry workshop does not mass produce, neither have any stock, so your necklace will be manufactured in our own workshop after receiving your order.

Please take into account a manufacturing lead time of 6 weeks for the manufacture of the latter in our workshop before shipping your package.

We master every step of the making process of your jewelry, from CAD modeling, 3D printing, lost wax casting, precious metal handiwork, to the setting of gemstones and diamonds, which allows us to guarantee the quality of our jewelry.

If you wish to customize one of our necklace designs or have it engraved, you just have to contact us via our online form.

How to choose your necklace

First, be sure to choose the correct length for the chain of your necklace. 18 inches in length is average, 16 inches a bit small, and 20 inches for bigger people. 15 inches is usually perfect for a choker necklace.

Then, check our guide about the different types of chain links for necklaces that are used in jewelry. This may help you choose your chain in case you would like another type.

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