Rigid bracelet with natural stones


Peruvian bangle bracelet in silver and natural stones.

Rigid bangle bracelet, articulated in silver 950 and encrusted with natural stones cut in the shape of triangles. The body of the bracelet is of rectangular section, varying from 6 millimeters wide at the bottom to widen to 9 millimeters at the stones on the upper part of the bracelet.

This bracelet is equipped with a ratchet clasp in the lateral position of the bracelet and ensuring a good closure of the bracelet once on the wrist. On this clasp, a round push button allows you to operate it easily to open the bracelet with one hand.

As for the stones, 7 natural stones carved in the form of triangles are mounted alternately on the upper and mobile part of the bracelet. We find green turquoise, lapis lazuli, mother of pearl, red jasper and spondylus which are encrusted and glued on the bracelet.

With a total weight of 19 grams, this handcrafted original style bracelet will delight a lover of colors and unusual jewelry.

Thank you to take into account that this jewel is not manufactured in our jewelery workshop.

Who is this bracelet for?

For a woman who loves original and colorful jewelry and especially natural stones. This bracelet will appeal to a woman who loves traveling and who may have already traveled to Peru and is looking for a jewel of this adventure.

Shipping fees

For the delivery of your bracelet, you have the choice between the economic delivery, a delay of 14 days being done by postal parcel followed and UPS delivery of a period of 3/6 days via parcel also.

Please note that this bracelet is not made in Our jewelery workshop, but comes from a traditional Peruvian workshop located in Cuzco in the middle of the Andes. We are neither the creators of this design, nor the manufacturers, but just the resellers in this case.

We invite you to consult this article presenting you how to make these Peruvian jewels: Find our article about the manufacture of these Peruvian jewels in natural stones

How choose your bracelet

In order to choose the best bracelet, we invite you to measure your wrist circumference as explained in this online tutorial and to consult our guide for bracelets that will certainly help you in your choice.

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