Soccer Championship Ring for the 2022 World Cup

The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar is the sporting event of the year 2022. And it is all the more interesting for jewelers since the 2018 edition, with the victory of the French soccer team, gave rise to the creation of a soccer championship ring to celebrate this victory.

This ring, completely devoid of the style of American championship rings, was made by Los Angeles jeweler Jason Arasheben.

This massive ring is interesting in terms of design, but may disappoint some football fans in the sense that we do not know how to differentiate it from other American style championship rings made for championships of other sports such as American football or basketball.

soccer championship ring for 2018 soccer world cup

Regarding this historic ring for the members of the France team, we can regret two things:

  • That it was made by Americans, who are not very passionate about football
  • The style of the ring, a little tasteless for a football fan

This is why we wanted to please ourselves by imagining a commemorative ring of the world football event which is 100% in the DNA of the leather round ball and which appeals to football fans usually not interested in jewelry.

To make it even more interesting, the basic design will be subject to criticism in order to take into account the comments of football fans allowing us to make commemorative versions totally unimaginable for us jewelers.

The specifications of this ring are as follows:

  • The ring is a ball or unambiguously evokes a soccer ball
  • It must be of reasonable size so that it can be worn on the finger and be a jewel of life and not just for display on a shelf.
  • It must be made in silver in order to be affordable for any football fan, knowing that an all-gold version is always possible

Taking into account these points which seemed important to us, we went with this silver soccer ball ring design enhanced with 18-karats yellow gold elements making direct reference to the 2022 soccer cup, with those details:

  • Presence of the 2022 football cup design
  • Presence of the Qatar map
  • Presence of the mention: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

soccer championship ring for 2022 soccer FIFA world cup

With this design and in size 60, the ring is 18 millimeters long (in the direction of the finger) and 26 millimeters wide for a finger diameter of 19 millimeters, the ring is therefore 3.5 millimeters thick on each of the side which is quite acceptable for this kind of ring with an 18 carat gold weight of around 3.5 grams.

Making of the Soccer Ring 

Once the design is complete, we can move on to 3D printing the different parts of the ring project. 3D printing consists of obtaining a part in wax from the digital model of the ring.

Here is an image showing the ring of the green resin ring as well as the same ring obtained in 925 silver following the lost wax casting process. 

soccer ring making in sterling silver

The same goes for the other 18-carat gold pieces in the project, which are 3D printed and then obtained in 18-carat yellow gold using the same process.

 2022 soccer world cup championship ring making

In this image, we can see the ring obtained in wax by the 3D printing process, then the same ring obtained by lost wax casting in solid silver and finally the upper circle of the ring in 18 carat yellow gold too. obtained by the lost wax casting process.

Then follows the filing, polishing and assembly of the 4 pieces of our puzzle in order to obtain the ring as imagined at the start of the project.

 soccer 2022 championship ring for FIFA world cup in qatar

 soccer championship ring made of silver and 18k yellow gold

 Soccer ring in silver on the finger


Next steps in progress:

  • Development of a design in France, Mexico, England, Brazil, USA, Germany
  • Design of a diamond version
  • Consideration of "constructive" comments from football fans








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I want to make Argentina wc 2022 soccer ring


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Can I add custom name “Peru Championship” to World Cup?

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