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Vivalatina is a small start-up company specializing in tailor-made jewelry for users worldwide.

Located in Puerto Vallarta, on the Mexican Pacific coast, Vivalatina is experiencing a strong growth.

vivalatina jewelry workshop location in mexico

Vivalatina jewelry workshop location in Mexico

Vivalatina is a unique company, to know us better read this presentation or look at the CV of the founder.

To understand Vivalatina in figures:

Vivalatina was launched as a French website back in 2011 and received 413 000 unique visitors in 2017.

Launched in January 2018, the international web store (vivalatina-shop) aims at expanding Vivalatina's services to the English speaking community.

For 2018, we aim at reaching 750 000 internet users worldwide.

As part of our growth, we are looking for trainees:

A Web marketing and Communication Manager

Training School of Commerce with the first experience in web marketing.

Notions of SEO and SEO

Responsible for the SEO site Vivalatina, he will exchange frequently with webmasters and craftsmen jewelers.

Responsible for content creation and communication strategy under the responsibility of Nicolas the founder for the French and English versions of Vivalatina websites.

Responsible for the development of the wholesale service.

Responsible for the development of partnerships with other jewelry shops and jewelry schools.

Languages: French, Spanish, and English

Duration: 5 months or more

Start date: Variable