Custom-made rings in gold and gemstones with personnalized designs

If there is one difficult task for a man in love who wants to please his fiancée while surprising her, it is to propose her with a unique engagement ring. There are many details and parameters to take into account and it is sometimes easy to lose track, especially when the fiancé is not particularly knowledgeable in the world of jewelry, which is the case for most of our clients.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to make your personalized engagement ring.

Because an image worth more than 1000 words, this is what our work boils down to.

Custom engagement rings making process

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  3. Custom wedding rings
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steps for customization of an engagement ring

1. Custom Design Service

We have the knowledge and technology to create the design of your wedding ring or engagement ring project from:

  • a detailed description
  • a collection of annotated reference images
  • a sketch or diagram, even an ugly one, since it is our job to refine it

It doesn't matter if you don't know how to draw, we can bring your ideas to life. We have made hundreds of custom ring for women or men since 2012 and we will be able to give life to your ring idea.

The steps of creation:

  1. Based on the detailed elements of your project, we submit you a quote
  2. You order your custom ring project with a 50% deposit
  3. The lead time to make your ring vary from 5 to 8 weeks depending on the project
  4. Creating a 3D model of your ring allows you to validate the design or request modifications if necessary
  5. Your validation of the design allows us to begin manufacturing the ring
  6. Once your custom ring is finalized, you will receive photos of your ring by email to validate our work.
  7. Pay the balance owed
  8. Your package is shipped through UPS to your place

The best way to define your ring project is to follow this tutorial explaining how to choose the design of your future wife's engagement ring.

custom ring price

2. Custom engagement rings

Creating an engagement ring generally remains a challenge for the fiancé, in terms of planning and design with the challenge that it represents for him in terms of feelings and stress.

We share our expertise with you in order to advise you on the design if you need it and to relax you on the management of the tailoring and manufacturing planning so that you can focus on the organization of your engagement proposal.

Engagement rings are almost always set with a precious stone, which is a diamond in the vast majority of cases. We help you choose your diamond or any other precise stone that will illuminate the ring in question. Discover below some examples of engagement rings set with diamonds or precious stones custom-made for our clients.

custom ring price

custom bleu sapphire engagement ring custom emerald engagement ring custom diamond flower engagement ring
custom ruby engagement ring custom 2 stone engagement ring custom yellow sapphire engagement ring
custom big diamond engagement ring custom emerald engagement ring custom sapphire engagement ring


custom ring price

3. Custom wedding ring

We offer the same design services for your wedding rings as for engagement rings. You will be 100% free to choose the design, metal and stone of your 18k gold wedding ring. Below you will discover some of our wedding ring creations showing the creative freedom you can have, taking into account that we work:

custom silver wedding ring custom crown ring with diamonds custom 22k gold wedding ring
custom opal wedding ring custom ethnic wedding ring custom 24k wedding band

Also discover these examples of custom-made couples’ wedding rings according to our customers’ instructions. These couples rings are made in pairs, being strictly identical or complementary to each other.

custom couples wedding rings custom couples wedding rings in 18k gold custom silver wedding rings
custom skull wedding rings custom 18k gold twisted rings custom silver wedding rings


custom ring price

4. Custom men's rings

While most of the custom rings we make are for women, we also make customized rings for men. I can be a custom signet ring, a men wedding ring or even a men engement ring. But these are always 100% unique men's ring designs you can discover here after.

Custom men's ring custom celtic ring for men custom scorpion ring for men
custom ring for men with black diamonds custom snake ring for men custom ancient ring for men


custom ring price

5. How much does it cost to customize a ring?

There are strong variations in prices between different custom ring projects, taking into account the difficulty of making the project, the type of precious metal and the weight of precious metal as well as the presence of precious stones or not.

To make it simple:

  • From 300 usd for a tailor-made gold wedding ring
  • From 500 usd for a tailor-made engagement ring

 custom ring price

6. Check Vivalatina Jewelry's reviews

While we are not the only custom jewelry maker online, we are passionate and meticulous, we do our best to offer incomparable quality of creation. But it is certainly our customers who speak best about our services and our jewelry.

All reviews presented here can be viewed on the online review site Trustpilot, which we invite you to consultvivalatina jewelry's reviews

7. Information about Vivalatina Jewelery

Founded in 2012, Vivalatina is a Mexican company founded in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, by a Frenchman Nicolas Tranchant. Nicolas left France in 2012 for love to follow his Mexican wife to Mexico. More information available here.

View Nicolas Tranchant’s Curriculum Vitae on LinkedIn

Vivalatina consists of offices and a jewelry workshop combining manual work and modern tools with the following production capacities:

  • Classic jewelry anklet work (What is a jeweler's anklet?)
  • Handwork of Silver, Solid Gold and Platinum (see our 950 platinum jewelry designs)
  • Design and 3D digital modeling
  • 3D printing of castable resins
  • Casting of precious metals 14K/18K / 22K / 24K Gold and 925/950 Silver
  • Assembly by microwelding with a PUK4
  • Manual cutting of custom gemstone cabochons
  • Setting of fine and precious stones
  • Argon vacuum casting using a RioGrande J2R machine
  • Design and manufacturing of precious metal mechanisms (example of functional 18-carat gold padlock)

Vivalatina does not have a physical store in France or Paris and only offers its services via the following digital media:

French site:
English-speaking site:

Mexican site:

Instagram account: @vivalatinajewelry

custom ring price

custom ring creation in gold and diamonds