Custom Family Crest Signet Rings

Signet rings are centuries old, and while they are not used anymore as seal ring as they used to be in the past, they are a symbol of pride and elegance nowadays.

There are still synonyme of durability and in most of the case are an heirloom to the future family generation. They can be personalized in every aspect and become a unique touch of personnal style.

Our jewelry workshop specialize in custom signet ring that can be:

3 family initials gold signet rings

We mary ancient craftmanship with modern jewelry tools as 3D rendering and 3D printing to get amazing results. We detail here below the way we proceed and the making process used to craft your bespoke signet ring.

We offer the best customizable experience as your are free to choose:

  • The form and size of your ring, no process limitation
  • The metal of your choice, it can be Silver, 14k, 18k or even 22k gold
  • Open or closed ring (heavier in metal)
  • Raised engraving or intaglio jewellery
  • Metal or gemstone engraving

Fill up this online form and get in touch with us to get a quote for the making of your family crest signet ring.

Before starting your project, check out how to wear your signet ring and what can be the price of a personalized signet ring.

Example of Family crest signet rings

Those rings are made from the family crest design of our clients without any change for the top engraving.

Our work consist in giving advices about the best ring shape and size to get the most details of the crest depending on the finger and ring size. Raised engraving give more depth and detail to the coat of arms and can be used to make wax seals.

Many raised engraving allow to add more details to the crest that are visible on the ring without having to make a wax seal to see them.

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Gold_familiy_crest_ring wax seal made from a gold family signet ring
family crest for ring making silver_family_crest_ring
Silver signet ring engraved with family crest family crest for custom signet ring making
Coat of arms of the city of Paris 18k yellow gold signet ring
japanese gold signet ring with engraved coat of arms japanese coat of arms
eagle family crest for signet ring making silver and gold family crest customization
gold and silver family creat ring lion and wing family crest ring
modern family crest design modern family crest ring in silver


Monogram Rings

While this kind of ring seems obvious, there is a lot of way to make such a ring stand out with a unique design. 

You can choose the ring style and dimensions that you please, any metal from silver to 22k gold (or event 24k for specific designs) and find the unique customization you please.

You can also mix silver and 18k gold to get a unique design for a very competitive price.

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Silver initials ring silver monogram signet ring
silver signet ring with initials engraved on each side silver monogram signet ring
18k initials signet ring 18k gold family initials signet ring
22 karats gold signet ring with family initials silver and 18k rose gold signet ring
silver signet ring with initials engraved Gold signet ring with initials engraved


Intaglio gemstones signet ring

Your crest or monogram can also be engraved in a gemstone, giving a stunning result and unique ring style.

Commonly, the gemstones that are most used for such a work are:

  • Onyx
  • Lapis lazuli
  • Quartz (amethyst or citrine)
  • Blood stone
  • Carnelian
  • Agate
  • Malachite

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onyx intaglio signet ring wax seal made from an onyx intaglio signet ring 
Lapis lazuli intaglio ring onyx intaglio ring
Carnelian intaglio gold signet ring clay seal to test intaglio ring
intaglio agat for seal ring ancient roman intaglio ring in lapis lazuli


Religious signet rings with symbols

Back in the middle age, Nobles and Religious leaders lead the people and both had distinctive rings to show their rank, with religious symbols in the case of bishops.

Nowadays, anyone can have its own custom religious ring following his own design. Take a look at these examples.

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Chi-ro gold signet ring catholic gold signet ring
religious cross signet ring in silver religious silver ring with symbols in 18k gold
Jew silver ring showing the David star buddhist gold signet ring
custom gold religious ring cross signet ring in silver
large gold cross signet ring templar knight ring in gold and silver
custom religious signet ring in 18k gold religious ring in gold


Military ring using Coat of Arms

Military units still use emblems that are often severa centuries old, and many soliders wear the coat of arms of their unit on a signet ring.

Here are some exemples of custom military rings.

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silver military signet ring with batalion coat of arms miliitary tank unit signet ring
military knights templar seal ring large gold knights templar ring
french special forces coat of arms ring spartan hemet silver ring


Making of a customized signet ring

Traditionnaly, family crest signet rings were (and still are) made only by hand, engraved by master engraver on a die-stamped signet ring made of silver or gold.

In the past, all family crest signet ring were made this way. Die-stamping ring implies that you can only choose from a limited number of ring designs, for which a die-stamp tool already exists.

Nowadays, new techniques as 3D modeling, 3D printing and lost-wax casting allow us to make such rings as you saw above without the same amont of hand engraving (except for the gemstones engraving).

This technique offers several advantages compared to the traditionnal hand-engraved technique:

  • It allows to make 3D rendering before the completion of the project
  • It is a faster process
  • You are totally free of your ring design as there is no need of standard die-stamp tool for the making of the ring
  • It is cheaper

It is important to say that the traditionnal hand engraving technique is the best in details for classical heraldic family crest rings. We can help you out if you need our help to find such a service.

Here, we present to you how we proceed to make a custom family crest ring for our clients, your own project would follow the same steps.

The 3D modeling of the design

From the family crest or Blason and following the specification of our client (ring size, shape of the top, open of closed back) we make CAD model of the project to give an idea of the final result.

family crest for custom ring making japanese miltary coat of arms for signet ring making


This CAD design allow us to show some rendering pictures of the project showing the signet ring as it will be. This step allow the futur owner to check the details of the project or see deviation and ask for a correction.

silver signet ring cad project

rendering view of a japanese crest signet ring CAD project

Once the design validated, we can start the making process.

Custom making of a signet ring

From the signet ring's CAD file we made before, we can now 3D print our file to obtain a wax master of the signet ring project.

This is done with a bottom up 3d printer, printing 25 micrometers layers one another during 3 to 5 hours depending on the ring size.

test french coat of arms signet ring printed in wax


This wax master is a good preview of the final rendering of the metal signet ring.

Next follows the lost wax cast process.

We use the wax master to make a plaster mold. Once dry, this latter is burn out to destroy the master, the wax being sublimated into gas without ash contamination inside the plaster mold.

The footprint of the ring is now ready to receive the liquid metal in fusion inside the mold.

We can see the details of the rough metal signet ring just after the casting operation.

rough cast signet ring in silver
18k yellow gold cast signet ring


Then, the signet rings are finished with the figures of the coat of arms detailed by hand and the rings polished to get this result.

custom signet ring in silver

18k yellow gold family crest ring

custom family coat of arms ring in 18k gold


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