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Men prefer signet rings to rings.

Wearing little jewelry, they are usually oriented towards making unique signet rings personalized according to their tastes.

Of course, the price of these signet rings suffers and has nothing to do with the price of simple rings manufactured in series that are found in jewelry dealers.

The purpose of this article is to explain what are the cost factors when making a signet ring in gold or silver and help you to mature your project.

Note that there is no more beautiful signet that the one that makes you want. A beautiful signet ring is one that brings together a style that suits you with the decorative elements that make you vibrate.

signet ring with onyx eagle signet ring
Signet rings for men in gold and silver made in our jewelry workshop


  1. Choose gold or silver ?
  2. What is the impact of the design on the price
  3. Signet ring engraved
  4. What about stones ?
  5. Prices of Vivalatina signet rings

Gold or silver ?

Whatever the design of your project, it will be feasible in both 18-karat gold and silver.

Of course, your gold project will be much more expensive than silver for several reasons.

  • The price of gold has fluctuated between 35 and 40 euros per gram, which is 80 times more expensive than a gram of silver. The 18-karat gold gram therefore costs about 60 times more than one gram of 925 silver (note that this may vary in the future depending on the evolution of metal prices)
  • Gold being denser than silver, for the same signet design, it will be heavier if it is made of 18-karat gold than sterling silver. Expect that 18-karat gold is about 50 percent heavier than silver.

    Lion signet ring for men

    Sterling silver 

    Skull signet ring

    18-karat white gold

    Let's take an example

    If you plan to make a silver signet ring weighing 15 grams, the cost of the silver for your project would be around 8 dollars.

    This same signet ring design, however, weighs 22.5 grams in 18-karat gold, for a fair gold cost of around 670 dollars.

    Evaluate the weight of gold

    To make an assessment of the gold weight required for your signet ring, you must first know which finger you will wear it so you can then determine your finger size by the method described in this article and summarized in this video.


    Once you know your fingertip, just apply this formula to get an idea of the gold weight of your project :

    TxLxexD = estimate in grams of the 18-karat gold weight of your signet ring project

    • Let T be the length of your fingertip in cm
    • Let L be the average width of your ring in cm
    • Let e be the average thickness of your ring in cm
    • Let D = 15 be the density of 18 carat gold in grams per cm3

    In jewelry, we use numerical modeling tools to get a much more accurate estimate of gold weight.

    Design manufacturing, what impact on the overall price ?

    For the manufacture of a custom design in one piece, two options are possible :

    • Fully manual manufacturing
    • Computer-aided manufacturing

    In general, as you can imagine, the more complex the design, the higher the price.

    There are so many possible designs that it's difficult to make an estimate without knowing the particular design of your project.

    Fleur de lys signet ring in gold Eagle signet ring Signet ring gold and onyx

    To get an idea, here you can see a wide range of gold and silver signet rings of very different designs (fr).


    Manufacturing consists of a block of solid gold that is laminated and shaped to give it step by step the desired shape.

    A good example of this method is illustrated by the work of this jeweler craftsman : Scarffadi Alberto


    This is the traditional method, which has proven itself, but is also the longest and therefore also the most expensive in countries like France where the hourly rate of a jeweler varies from 30 to 150 euros per hour. in general.

    Why such a gap will you say to me ?

    And this hourly rate depends indirectly on the quality of work, the speed of execution and the cost of living in the city where your jeweler is located.

    Computer-aided manufacturing

    For centuries, jewelers have turned to production methods that are made to facilitate the manufacture of jewelry, make it faster and more economical.

    Let's mention among other methods:

    • lost wax casting
    • forge
    • the rolling mill
    • CNC machining on wax
    • CNC or laser engraving

    Computer-aided manufacturing is the most recent method in jewelry shops.

    CAD signet ring

    CAD model

    CAD signet ring

    Virtual rendering

    It consists in creating or carving as necessary a numerical model of signet ring in order to obtain a digital file.

    This is then used to print a wax model of our ring project using a SLA 3D printer.

    This technique makes it possible to produce unique pieces or small batches at a reasonable price.

    The advantages offered by this process :

    • We can see the final rendering before the work on the metal is done
    • We can do two or three strictly identical pieces without it taking two (or three) times more time
    • It's the most economical

      Skull signet ring

      Out of foundry

      Skull signet ring

      Finalized signet ring 

      And for an engraved signet ring ?

      Different types of engravings exist for signet rings.

      Remember that the most beautiful heraldic engravings are those made by hand by a master engraver.

      It's also the most expensive method.

      For such an engraving count between 1500 and 2000 dollars, price including the signet ring in forged gold. Note that this price also depends on the gold weight of the chosen ring model.

      You'll find different professionals on Google for this kind of service that offer on their site to choose the design of your signet ring.

      The limitations of this technique are as follows :

      • This is the most expensive technique
      • The choice of signet ring patterns is limited according to the available forge molds
      • There is usually a long waiting time due to the high demand from master engravers

        What about gemstones ?

        Many people want stones set on their signet rings.

        What is the impact on the final price of signet rings ?

        Here too, it depends on the stone and its shape.

        Usually the price of stones goes from semi-precious stones (amethysts, turquoises, onyx, lapis lazuli ...) to precious stones whose diamond is usually the most expensive.

        This is valid if these stones come from wholesalers who cut the stones according to standard shapes and geometries.

        But, because there is always a but.

        If you want a fine classic stone cut specifically (in size and shape) to your needs, it will be much more expensive than a small diamond trade.

        Here are some examples of stones mounted on signet rings that we made in our jewelry workshop.

        This amethyst of 36 carats costs more than 600 dollars while the price of this tanzanite cabochon 8 carats exceeds 1000 dollars.

        Amethyst signet ring Gold signet ring with lapis lazuli stone

        The price of this convex clover-shaped onyx stone exceeds that of the gold signet ring diamonds shown on the right.

        Although onyx stone is very economical, the time required for the particular shaping of the stone explains this difference.

        Freemason ring with onyx Gold signet ring with black diamond

        On the right, a signet ring for man set with a black diamond and two small white diamonds. Check here how much is a black diamond worth.

        Signet ring prices from our workshop

        As you can see, the price of a signet ring depends on many factors.

        Generally speaking, for those that we make to measure, the prices are:

        • From 400 euros for a silver signet ring
        • From 800 euros for a 18-karat gold signet ring

        Of course, this will also depend on the amount of gold needed for your project and its complexity.

        For more information :

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