Efrain jeweller


Originally from Oaxaca, Efraín is an autodidact with more than 15 years of experience in jewelery.

He is particularly talented, working silver, gold, setting diamonds, sapphires and rubies.

He is also a sculptor, founder and stonemason to make cabochons of fine stones.

If there is a problem, efráin will find the technical solution to fix it.




Camille is French and studied jewelry in the french Jewelry Institute of Saumur.

She as now worked in 3 different Jewelry worshops in France to learn different techniques and improve her skills and also had a Mexican Jewelry Master while living in Oaxaca for a while.

She is now part of our team, working silver and gold, setting diamonds and teaching her skills to other mexican jewellers of the team.


octavio jeweller at vivalatina


Octavio is the last member of the team.

He learns jewelry at our workshop.

He works with Camille and Efraín to learn from them and has already made its first jewels send to one of our customers.


Of Chilean origins, Hans made his craft debut as a copper repeller. He reproduced photos or paintings. Self-taught, he embarked on jewelry in 2006, learning from different Mexican jewelery teachers.

An artist at heart, Hans makes his own creations, which he sells to American tourists through a posh jeweler near the Malecón de Puerto Vallarta.

His work (visible here) is original and is characterized by a great emotional force, witness of the energy he puts into his creations. Hans is also a lapidary capable of handling all fine stones, except for opals that are not his specialty.

Proud of his success in working with North American tourists, Hans learns English to get out there and get work done in the near future. Over time, Hans became a friend that we help to get started on the web and make his work known in France.





Nicolas is the founder of Vivalatina.

He runs the workshop, the website and deal with the clients and quotation of their projects.

He is the one assuring the constant flow of work and the growth of the business and wellness of the team.

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