Jewelry quotation for your custom-made project

Please, take into consideration:

  • Our minimum custom-made quotation is $300 USD
  • The quotation of your project is FREE
  • As a reminder, check who we are, we are located in MEXICO and we have no jewelry workshop in PARIS (yes Nicolas is French, but not from Paris)
  • 95% of our clients are in France, check their reviews here.
  • Our lead time is 4 to 8 weeks depending on your project
  • Payments can be made through Credit Card or Wire Transfert
  • You can check our workshop activity on Instagram: @vivalatinajewelry



About Bespoke jewelry

Realize that tailoring is much more expensive than buying mass-produced jewelry at retail. So if you desire the reproduction of a simple mass-produced piece of jewelry, we will be unable to match the prices of the major jewelry supermarket chains that sell those mass-produced jewelry.

Our Jewelry workshop is in Mexico

If you want to know us better, check our presentation page OR our team page.

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