Custom-made Jewelry service to give life to your project

Vivalatina Shop is the easiest jewelry workshop you will find online to get your custom jewelry made as you dreamed of.

You just have to imagine your jewelry design and we will make it real.

Design your own Jewelry

 We are experts in helping you to materialize your dreamed jewelry

From your jewelry description, drawing or pictures and measurements, we can provide you with the quotation of your jewelry project.

You will get CAD rendering views of your custom jewelry project to check the design before we make it. While it can seem difficult to imagine for someone with no jewelry design knowledge, this is our expertise, to give life to your ideas into a stunning CAD rendering before making it shiny in solid precious metal for your.

Images below are more explicite than words.

Custom Jewelry design made online from jewelry maker

Vivalatina is more than just an online store or a custom jewelry website, we are a real jewelry workshop combining decades of jewelry making know-how with cutting edge technologies:

  • CAD modelling and rendering
  • 3D printing
  • Advanced casting machines
  • In-house stone setting
  • Custom engraving capabilities
  • Intaglio making: stone engraving
  • Microsoldering capabilities
  • Sterling Silver, Solid Gold (18k, 22 K, 24K) and Platinum making experience
  • Precious wook sculpting

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We have 100% control of the designing and making of your custom jewelry design in our own Workshop. You will find below numerous example of custom jewelry design made for our clients:

  1. Custom Jewelry for Men
  2. Custom Jewelry for Her
  3. Custom Jewelry with Names
  4. Custom Jewelry Pendants in Gold
  5. Custom Jewelry Engraving
  6. Custom Diamond Jewelry
  7. Custom Jewelry Necklace
  8. Custom Jewelry Bracelet
  9. Custom Jewelry Piercing
  10. FAQ

For ring designing, chech our service of custom made ring.

We are Real Jewelry Makers

We are real persons, in flesh with names you can contact and talk to to get the necesary guidance for your personalized jewelry project. We are not a remote team with no name and no face.

Vivalatina Jewelry Shop business owner

Nicolas Tranchant is French, he is the founder and manager of Vivalatina Jewelry Shop.

You can discover the story of Vivalatina here to know us better.

You can also discover the members of our team here.

Vivalatina is settled in Mexico, in Puerto Vallarta and has been focused for many years to provide custom jewelry designs to the European market and especially the French market.

You will find here our French online boutique for our clients in France.

You will get a better view of our work through our Instagram account: @vivalatinajewelry

Get to know what Madame Figaro France say about us.

Read the interview of Nicolas for Medium published here


Custom making jewelry design


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1. Custom Jewelry for Men

Although jewelry is not the speciality of men, many men have custom jewelry needs and interesting design ideas we are pleased to give life to. We have already helped numerous men in getting in hand the precious jewelry project they had in mind.

Personalized jewelry for men in usually bold and large, often made in silver and weight over 75 grams. We can make large torque bracelet, large biker rings or huge chains in silver with the link type of your choice.

custom men jewelry bangle bracelet custom_jewelry_men_pendant large_custom_men_bracelet
custom men pendant design Large_custom_gold_pendant_for_men

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2. Custom Jewelry for Women

Custom jewelry is a world where women feel at ease. For having seen hundreds or thousands of design, they know what sort of unique jewelry design they need. For those pasionate, we can provide our expertise in design and gemstones to get the better combination of both for your taylor-made jewelry design.

For women jewelry design, we are used to work with delicate drawings, few grams of 18-karats gold and precious colored gemstones. If you are looking for a custom design for your mom, we have plenty of jewelry ideas that can be personalized and are a guaranted hit, get in touch with us.

Custom gold pendant design for women women custom silver bracelet design
custom_women_silver_bracelet custom_pendant_for_women_gold


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3. Custom Jewelry with Names 

The most comon and efficient way to personalized your jewelry is with names engraving or birthstone setting on your custom jewelry project. There is dozens of font police to engrave or cut our your name with and an infinite ways to set birthstones to your jewelry. Just ask us to get some help to make your jewelry truly unique.

In the same manner, it is also possible to personnalize your jewelry with custom initials cut out on your pendant or signet ring.

custom_name_plate_necklace_18k_gold custom_name_plate_gold_jewelry
custom brooch name plate in 18k gold custom name plate ring in 18k gold


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4. Custom Gold Pendant Jewelry

Custom gold jewelry is a must have, as they are more expensive they generaly have a gretter sentimental value also. As gold is inalterable, 18-karats or 22-karats jewelry will withstand the time with no trouble and will be passed on to the next generation, 

For that, custom pendants can be worn bigger that other kind of jewelry, like custom bracelest or ring as they will be seen better. Here are some exemples of such custom pendants.

Custom pendant jewelry in 18k gold custom gold jewelry with turquoise stone custom pendant in 18-karats gold
custom pendant jewelry in gold custom gold pendant custom white gold pendant jewelry


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5. Custom Jewelry Engraving

Engraved jewelry is a great way to personalize any jewelry you wish to offer to your relatives. Be it a picture, a logo, a name or a place, this kind of customization is easy to do and give your gift a special touch of attention.Check below some examples of custom engraved jewelry showing some of them molded in relief and other one cut out by hand, or engraved in a gemstone.

custom engraving on gold pendant custom scorpion engraved jewelry custom engraving on silver jewelry
custom name engraving on jewelry custom intaglio jewelry engraving custom initials engraving on gold jewelry


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6. Custom Diamond Jewelry

Diamond is the most durable stone you can set on your custom jewelry design to make it eternal. That's why we offer a full service to advice you about the quality, the cut, size and price of your diamond. We are able to set diamond pavé on your jewelry, set a large solitaire diamond on your ring of find the unique fancy diamond your are looking for setting on your jewelry.

custom diamond jewelry engagement ring custom diamond jewelry guitar pendant in gold
custom fancy diamond jewelry custom diamond pendant in white gold custom engagement ring with diamond


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7. Custom Jewelry Necklace

Necklaces are often the central piece of an elegant toilette for women who prefer thin and shiny chains or necklaces. While men usually use large chain as their only jewelry, or at least it is the unique jewelry they will never take off. So making custom jewelry necklace is more comon for men. Here are a few examples of personalized chains with specific dimensions or unique chain links.

custom jewelry necklace in 18-karats gold custom coffee bean necklace in silver custom necklace clasp in silver
large custom necklace in silver custom chain link necklace in 18k gold


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8. Custom Jewelry Bracelet

Personalizing bracelet is really an art and a lot of fun for any jeweller. Large en visible, women or men gold bracelets allow us to create massive pieces with stones and colors than could not be done in the form of a necklace or a ring. We love to work with natural colored stones to make really unique pieces of jewelry as these shown below.

custom lapis lazuli bracelet large custom silver bracelet custom bracelet in sterling silver
custom gold bracelet jewelry custom mesh bracelet in silver


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9. Custom Piercing Jewelery

Piercing can be custom made with a luxury finish with 18-karats gold and precious stones like diamonds and sapphires. It does not matter if you are looking for a nipple piercing or navel piercing, we can adapt the making to your request and dimensions. Below are few example of 18k white and yellow gold personalized piercings with diamonds and precious stones.
custom gold piercing with diamonds Custom piercing jewelry in 18k gold and sapphire

10. FAQ

You will find here all the answers to your questions if it is your first time you want us to make your custom jewelry design.

How long does it take?

Most jewelry projects are completed in 5 to 8 weeks from the moment your order your project to the moment we finish the making of your jewelry.

Sometimes we can make it faster or sometimes your project is complex and will require more time for completion. In this case you will be informed of the lead time for your project when you receive your jewelry design quotation.

How much does it cost?

To be able to give you the price of your jewelry design, we need to know about the design (easy or difficult to make), the dimensions and size of your jewelry, the precious metal your want to make it and the precious stones you would like set on it.

That's why we invite you to fill up this online forme here to receive the quotation for the making of your custom jewelry project. 

How and when do I pay? Can I see my project rendering?

You can pay online with your credit card or through wire transfert, as you wish.

Asking for a quotation of your project is entierely free.

To order your project, we will require you to pay 50% of the price of your quotation for your jewelry design. The rest will be paid after 100% completion of the making of your project, before shipping.

We provide a CAD rendering once your order your project, we do not work on 3D modeling and rendering for free in advance for your order.

We guarantee your satisfaction of our modeling and rendering work in accordance to your jewelry project description, that means you can validate your design or ask for the necessary changes to make it as you want it to be.

What about the shipping?

We ship worldwide through UPS and the delivery time to the USA and Europe is from 3 to 6 days. Your package is fully insured through UPS delivery.

Our Guarantees

We back up our work.

We guarantee our workmanship and the quality of the precious metal we use for the making of your jewelry.

We also guarantee the quality of the stones set on our jewelry. We can give you a certificate of guarantee upon request. Expensive gemstones are delivered with a Laboratory Certificate from recognized laboratory.

Please, consider that all precious metals and precious stones we use or work with can be tested by any jeweller to back up the quality of our metal, our stones and our workmanship. We invite you to do so in case you have any doubt.