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Puerto Vallarta Jewelry Store

Located in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Vivalatina is a jewelry workshop and online store combining secular know-how with the latest technologies of the jeweler sector.

Our team of artisan jewelers are all from Jalisco and they master the work of 18k/24k gold, silver, 950 Platinum, organic materials, the cutting of fine stones and the setting of precious stones.

You can browse the online store to find silver jewelry available on demand in our collections or use our services for the creation of a jewel to your image. You can also come and visit our jewelry workshop next time you visit Puerto Vallarta.

Our particularity, we do not have stock of pieces of jewelry since we manufacture essentially custom-made jewelry, leaving you a total freedom on the design and the style of your jewel. We are of course able to advise you on the type of precious metal, the volumes of your jewel as well as on the choice of gems and diamonds in order to complete your project while respecting your budget.

As we ship worldwide, you can also come to visit us and share your jewelry project during your next trip to Puerta Vallarta and we will be able to ship it to you in the US once your jewelry is finished. You will find us easily behind Galerias Puerto Vallarta, our address is: Avenida Politecnico Nacional #304-A, Fracc Villas del mar.

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18k Yellow Gold
18k White Gold - Sterling Silver

Blog posts

What is white gold made of ?

White gold is currently the most popular of all gold alloys, especially for engagement rings and wedding rings.

Fashion question certainly.

However, few people really know what white gold is made of.

bague en or blanc

January 30, 2024 — Nicolas Tranchant

How to wear a signet ring ?

The signet ring is a jewel of ancient origin, historically used by both women and men.

This is one of the few jewels that had a practical utility function, as it served as proof of identification, like today's digital signatures, in order to seal the letters with a wax seal. and legal acts (marriage, inheritance ...).

large gold signet ring for men

If the wearing of the signet ring meets the aesthetic and fashion today, precise rules governed the wearing of signet rings for the nobles during the Middle Ages.

The wearing of the signet ring changes according to the country, the sex and the time.

Here's how you find it, starting with a review of the fingers of your hand 

January 29, 2024 — Nicolas Tranchant

History of Platinum Discovery and Historic Price

Platinum is the ultimate luxury precious metal in modern jewelry. It was discovered late by Europeans during the 16th century and neglected at the time, because it was unknown to scientists and jewelers. Then it slowly (in three centuries) imposed itself as the precious metal of reference for jewelry during the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

Although the general public knows little about platinum as a precious metal for jewelry, everyone knows that a platinum disc is a more rewarding reward than a gold disc. And the price of platinum in jewelry, much higher than that of gold, reminds anyone who doubts it.

Platinum as a precious metal in jewelry took off at the 1867 Universal Exhibition in Paris during which the Mellerio jewelry house, a secular French jewelry store, exhibited a sublime platinum Tiara, which was acquired by the crown of Spain. Platinum then imposed itself as the precious metal of the Kings and princes of Europe.

platinum crown owned by the Spanish royal family