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Located in Mexico, Vivalatina is a jewelry workshop combining secular know-how with the latest technologies of the jeweler sector.

Our team of artisan jewelers master the work of gold, silver, organic materials, the cutting of fine stones and the setting of precious stones.

You can browse the online store to find silver jewelry available on demand in our collections or use our services for the creation of a jewel to your image.

Our particularity, we do not have stock of pieces of jewelery since we manufacture essentially custom-made jewelery, leaving you a total freedom on the design and the style of your jewel. We are of course able to advise you on the type of precious metal, the volumes of your jewel as well as on the choice of gems and diamonds in order to complete your project while respecting your budget.

Blog posts

11 Easy Tips to Choose the Right Engagement Ring for Her

Getting engaged surely is an important step in life, but it can be a real headache for the fiancé when comes the moment to choose the engagement ring.

Choosing the right engagement ring you want to offer to your fiancée isn't an easy task.

The issues to be faced by the fiancé are many :

  • what style and ring design does she like?
  • what's her finger size ?
  • which stone to choose ? diamond or gemstone ?
  • how to choose a diamond ?
  • which metal will fit for the ring ?
  • will my budget be enough ?

How to choose a large diamaond engagement ring


Mexican Opal Mine: Hunting Opals in Magdalena de los Opalos

The small town of Magdalena de los Opalos is worth a visit, although it is a bit far from the city of Puerto Vallarta. Indeed, this town of 16,000 inhabitants is of a typical Mexican style, its very clean streets allow you to walk around the central square and the surrounding streets while enjoying the freshness that you cannot find in Puerto Vallarta. The many opal mines surrounding the city have made it a recognized place of exchange for this gem and the visit of the mines as well as the search for opals for leisure have made it an interesting tourist destination to spend a day or two there.

view of Magdalena de los Opalos in Jalisco, Mexico where you can find mexican fire opals


Soccer Championship Ring for the 2022 World Cup

The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar is the sporting event of the year 2022. And it is all the more interesting for jewelers since the 2018 edition, with the victory of the French soccer team, gave rise to the creation of a soccer championship ring to celebrate this victory.

This ring, completely devoid of the style of American championship rings, was made by Los Angeles jeweler Jason Arasheben.

This massive ring is interesting in terms of design, but may disappoint some football fans in the sense that we do not know how to differentiate it from other American style championship rings made for championships of other sports such as American football or basketball.

2022 soccer championship ring for the FIFA world cup