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Located in Mexico, Vivalatina is a jewelry workshop and online store combining secular know-how with the latest technologies of the jeweler sector.

Our team of artisan jewelers master the work of 18k/24k gold, silver, 950 Platinum, organic materials, the cutting of fine stones and the setting of precious stones.

You can browse the online store to find silver jewelry available on demand in our collections or use our services for the creation of a jewel to your image.

Our particularity, we do not have stock of pieces of jewelery since we manufacture essentially custom-made jewelry, leaving you a total freedom on the design and the style of your jewel. We are of course able to advise you on the type of precious metal, the volumes of your jewel as well as on the choice of gems and diamonds in order to complete your project while respecting your budget.

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133+ Things to do in Puerto Vallarta for your Holidays

Puerto Vallarta is nowadays a reknown destination for holidays for both Mexicans and North Americans and also a great place for retirement. Being known as an heavenly destination, it is also a great place for business and investment.

With more than 6 200 000 tourists flying to Puerto Vallarta in 2022 (which 57% came from abroad) and more than 35 000 US and Canadian citizens living in Puerto Vallarta, the town offers a great deal of activities and things to do to enjoy your stay or living in Puerto Vallarta.

View of the bay of Puerto Vallarta

Panaramic view of Los Arcos from the shore

As I have been living more than ten years in Puerto Vallarta for business purpose, I have discovered many things to do here with my Mexican friends. I wish I could say I have done it all, but I still have some activities to check on this list of more than 133 activities to do in Puerto Vallarta.


Paraiba Tourmaline Stone: Price and History of a Unique Gemstone

The Paraiba tourmaline stone is a fine stone still little known to the general public and yet it cannot leave anyone indifferent as its colors and the incredible story of its discovery mark the spirits.

Discovered at the end of the 80s by a solitary miner from a poor state in Brazil, its story is like a fairy tale and this stone, rarer and more expensive than diamonds, has become the fetish jewel of jewelry designers and investors.

blue paraiba tourmaline rough stones


Wiccan pendant: a 7 pointed star

Esotericism or Wicca is concerned with shapes and symbols as well as the power of stones and nature in general.

So that it is particularly suitable as a subject for jewelry combining both esoteric symbols and natural stones.

We present you the manufacture of an esoteric pendant made of solid silver and gemstones according to the indications of a customer who has created her own jewelry design via our dedicated service.

It is a pendant 50 mm in diameter with two heptagrams, one is inscribed in the other and 8 stones set around the periphery and the center of the pendant.

The central moonstone of the pendant is bigger than the others.

esoteric pendant in silver and stones

January 11, 2023 — Lauro Rosales