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Vivalatina jewelry is open to proposals for exchange of links in editorial form or guest post articles.

Always curious and open to the work of our colleagues, we gladly accept the contributions of artisan webmasters wishing to make known their work, their creations or their techniques.

That's why we invite jewelers, creators or web editors with things to say, to offer their articles occasionally or regularly if they want to benefit from a forum.

Benefits for our contributors

Our constantly growing site offers a quality platform for publishing your articles.

Articles of interest to us may be:

  • reports on the manufacture of a jewel, following step by step the manufacture of it.
  • articles presenting a jewel collection of a craftsman
  • articles presenting the life and work of a jeweler
  • articles presenting the working techniques of the trades of jewelry, jewelry
  • DIY or tutorials related to jewelry making and precious metals work
more broadly, any article relating to jewelry, jewelry and making jewelry from noble or precious materials, trade shows, exhibitions relating to jewelry or jewelry trades.


DoFollow links and editorial rules

Our editorial policy is limpid, we publish the articles submitted in the form of contribution with their links DoFollow in order to reward the editorial work of the craftsman and/or editor so that his contribution is beneficial to him in the time.

To know our opinion on the publications in guest-post, I invite you to read this article on the subject.

However, we proceed to review the article to judge its quality (thematic, editorial, sources cited, photos), give us the best of yourself.

We reserve the right to refuse or request the necessary modifications to a possible publication.

Our guidelines are:

  • at least 800 words (you will see that our own articles well positioned in the SERPs are at least of this length)
  • Choose a main keyword for the article with good traffic potential
  • quality photos, ideally at least 2/3. Since the blog is a visual platform, do not hesitate to attach enough photos to the article.
  • quality writing, grammar and spelling.
  • cite sources other than your own site, rely on others rather than plagiarizing or reinventing.

To join us or submit your articles, use this email: mail (@) and detail your experience, your previous posts on jewelry mater and the a draft of your blog post proposal.

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