The different types of necklace chains links in jewelry

Faced with all the existing chain maille weaves for making chains, used both for bracelets, necklaces and anklets, it's normal that you feel disoriented when you search for an internet purchase.

To find your way around, we offer you this guide which includes most of the chain maille weaves used for bracelets, chains and necklaces.

You can also discover our collection of chains here (fr).

big silver chain for men

Example of a chain with large links made to measure, the details of its manufacture is visible here (fr)


In the menu that follows, you can click on the model that interests you to go to the related chapter, or see our summary poster at the end of the article.

1 English chain 11 Spiral chain
2 Curb chain 12 American chain
3 Anchor chain 13 Mirror chain
4 Jaseron chain 14 Rope chain
5 Venetian chain 15 Bean chain
6 Snake chain 16 Gourmette chain
7 Palm chain 17 Polish chain
8 Horse chain 18 Rice grain chain
9 Coffee bean chain 19 Royal or Peruvian or Byzantine chain
10 Figaro chain 20 Industrial production of gold chains (video)


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1 English chain

This jewelry chain is directly inspired by the rendering of the English chain maille used in knitting.

English mesh


2 Forçat chain

The forçat chain is a classic style of chains, the angles of its links can be round or square.


Forçat mesh


3 Anchor Chain

As the name suggests, this type of link is inspired by the design of boat anchor chains. It can vary in being round or flattened. This chain is also known as Marine chain.

Marine mesh


4 Jaseron chain

This type of chain consists of an alternation of round links and smaller oval links.

Jaseron mesh

Here is an example of a gold jaseron chain.

Jaseron mesh gold

Example of a jaseron chain from our chain collection (fr)

5 Venetian chain

Venetian chain maille weave is generally used for fine chains. It's an alternation of cubic links, small and imbricate in other larger ones. They are in the form of straight chains. When in gold, the Venetian chains can be 0.5 mm in diameter, like the ones you can see here (fr).

Venetian mesh

Example of a Venetian chain bracelet manufactured by a machine :

Venetian mesh bracelet

Here is another example of Venetian chain with a hand-made bracelet and not a machine, the link is 10 x 6 millimeters with a lobster clasp.

Venetian mesh bracelet

Venetian chain bracelet from our collection

6 Snake chain

The snake chain strongly reminds the rings of a snake, which explains its name. A snake chain can be either flat or round. This chain is also known as Brazilian chain.

snake mesh

snake mesh


7 Palm chain

A palm chain is obtained by braiding in 3D of several gold or silver threads. This type of gold chain is very expensive since it requires a large amount of metal for its manufacture.

During its manufacture, each link passes through the penultimate link, giving it this particular design.

Below, we can observe the detail of a palm chain, seen from a bracelet of our collection visible here (fr).

Palm mesh


8 Horse chain

Horse chains have simple, elongated and flat links. They have a design similar to Figaro chain.

Horse mesh

They can also be alternating, presenting a long link alternated with a long link.

Horse mesh

This 18-karat yellow gold bracelet is handmade, this is a gold horse link chain. You can check here the different stages of the making of this bracelet (fr)

9 Coffee bean chain 

Each link represents a coffee bean. These links are usually quite large. Thus, from a certain size, they are hollow, in order to lighten the jewel and also the budget. This concerns both gold and silver.


coffee bean mesh

Here is the example of a coffee bean chain bracelet which you can discover the manufacture steps via this article here (fr).

Coffee bean mesh

Coffee beans chain bracelet from our chain collection (fr)

10 Figaro chain

Figaro chain is very similar to horse chain with an alternation of 3 small links between each large link.

Figaro mesh


11 Spiral chain

A chain of twisted links can be both flat and round. Links are then of different manufacture. The flat link is made by interlocking very thin strips of metal; while the round chain is the result of the nesting of rings in each other, at an angle giving the effect of rotation of the chain. When the twisted link is round, it is called rope chain (see below).


Twist mesh


12 American chain

American mesh 


13 Mirror chain

Also called flat chain.

Mirror chain necklaces are flat and wide chains with very fine and polished links to give a mirror rendering to the silver or the gold constituting the jewel.


Mirror mesh

Example of flat chain necklace from our collection (fr) :

Mirror mesh necklace


14 Rope chain 

The Rope chain gives a 3D effect similar to a twisted link chain but it's made differently. In this picture we can see the small rings constituting the chain.


Rope mesh


15 Bean chain

The shape of the links is at the origin of his name. It's a fairly thick flat chain, relatively heavy, and therefore expensive when it's gold.

Bean mesh


16 Gourmette chain

The gourmette chain is made of simple rings slightly flattened. It is also known as curb chain. This type of airy link allows the making of gold chains wide enough for a weight and therefore a reasonable price. That's why it's a common model.

Curb chain mesh

A variant of this type of chain is the double or triple chain, as we see this bracelet consists of 3 rows of curb chain.

Bracelet curb mesh

The manufacture details of this bracelet is visible here (fr)

17 Milanese mesh chain

Polish chain is the result of winding a thread around an axis. This thread is oriented right then left to give this regular alternation that we observe on the next picture. This winding around an axis is the reason why the chains with Polish link are rather thick and therefore heavy. Therefore, if they are made of gold, they are quite expensive.

Polish mesh

Another variant of the Polish chain is the Milanese chain, with the winding threads all oriented in the same direction, photo of a Milanese chain bracelet from our collection visible here.

This type of bracelet is much more common than Polish chain bracelets.

Bracelet gold men

You can discover the realization of a Milanese gold chain watch bracelet in our workshop via this article (fr).

18 Rice grain chain

Small grains of gold are connected to each other by an invisible axis. There are many variants of this chain varying the size of the grains and their number in a row.

Rice grain mesh

Here is an example of realization of a rice grain chain bracelet in our jewelry workshop:

Rice grain mesh bracelet

Discover our chains collection here (fr).

19 Royal or Peruvian or Byzantine chain

This type of chain consists of two-by-two nested rings. The complexity of the final pattern contrasts with the simplicity of the rings used to make it. We invite you to watch this video (fr) showing how these types of chains are made manually.

Royal mesh

Here is an example of a necklace that we had the opportunity to realize (see the article here (fr)) :

Royal mesh necklace


20 Manufacture of chains by machines

Finally, we invite you to discover this video that shows how are manufactured industrially gold chains trade. If all the machines are satisfied to reproduce what the silversmiths have done manually for centuries, they allow however to reduce the costs of the gold chains of the trade. The video (fr) shows how are the Venetian chains, Figaro, etc ...



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