Silver Milanese mesh bracelet

Silver Milanese mesh bracelet


Milanese mesh bracelet in sterling silver.

This beautiful bracelet is a massive piece woven of sterling silver wires giving a stunning look. While this design is mainly used for bracelet watches nowadays, it was also a classic design of jewelry much before being used for watches bracelets.

This is a massive piece of jewelry, being quite heavy you will feel its presence on your wrist. You can choose between two bracelet width options:

  • 12 millimeters width with an average weight of 36 grams with 19 cm in length
  • 16 millimeters width with an average weight of 48 grams with 19 cm in length

Given its length, this bracelet is suitable for wrist measures ranging from 16 to 21 centimeters. If your wrist is smaller, you will need to contact us to shorten the wristband.

The Milanese mesh consists of bobbins (twisted silver wires) assembled together and welded two-by-two ensuring great strength of this type of bracelet and great flexibility. Given their method of manufacture, these bracelets are very resistant to the strokes and rubs that normally receive the bracelets, which makes them very durable without special care.

You will notice the flap closure that ensures a firm and secure closure of the bracelet around the wrist. It can be operated with one hand ensuring you to put the bracelet or remove it easily.

The Milanese mesh is characterized by great flexibility given to the jewel, making the wearing of the bracelet very comfortable. You will have a precise idea of ​​the rendering of the bracelet with the photos presented here.

Please note that this silver Milanese mesh bracelet is not made in our jewelry workshop.

Who is this bracelet for?

The Milanese mesh is popular with women looking for a massive bracelet remaining extremely flexible. This bracelet will seduce a woman looking for a solid and visible bracelet that will accompany as well in work dress as an outfit.

Shipping fees

For the delivery of your bracelet, you have the choice between two options:

  • economical delivery, with a 14-day lead time through a tracked parcel, the cost to the US: $10
  • UPS delivery with a lead time of 3/6 days also via tracked parcel, the cost to the US: $50

Handcrafted Jewelry

Please note that this bracelet is not made in our jewelry workshop, but comes from a traditional manufacturing workshop located in Taxco in the state of Guerrero in Mexico. We are neither the creators of this design, nor the manufacturers, but just the resellers in this case.

If you wish to customize one of our bracelet designs or have it engraved, you just have to contact us via our online form.

Custom service

If you want to make your bracelet according to your measurements and according to your design, we invite you to consult our different realizations of gold and silver bracelets.

And on the other hand, contact us via this online form to let us know about your project. We will come back to you with the quotation for making your project custom-made.

How to choose your bracelet

To choose the correct size for your bracelet, you need to know your wrist circumference and take a small size margin.

To avoid any errors in the length of your bracelet when ordering, you can easily measure your wrist circumference by following the online tutorial instructions.

You can also take a look at our link guide to finding inspiration for your bracelet project, and discover our other achievements in bracelets here.

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