22k Gold Bracelet Men

22k Gold Bracelet Men


22-karat gold bracelet for women.

Sober and elegant masculine bracelet of the smooth bangle type in 22-karat gold measuring 6 millimeters wide. This rigid bracelet is made from a laminated plate of gold 1 millimeter thick, cut, and then shaped to give it the appearance that you can see in the visuals.

The ends of the bracelet are decorated with molded arrowheads in relief, giving them volume and creating the focal point of the eyes once this bangle is worn on the wrist. Given its design, the latter is worn with the ends of the ring facing upwards, the weight of the bracelet tending naturally to maintain the bracelet in this position on the wrist.

Given its dimensions, the bracelet has an inner perimeter of 20 centimeters with an opening between the points of 26 millimeters, allowing it to be worn on wrists ranging from 18 to 21 centimeters around the wrist.

Given the thickness of the bangle's body, it is semi-rigid ensuring it stays on your wrist but can be slightly bent by hand to make it fit the shape of your wrist.

This bracelet is made from 22-karat gold, which means gold purity is up to 91,7%. 22k gold is almost as yellow as pure gold but is stiffer and better for us to make such a large bangle bracelet.

Obviously, this 22k gold bracelet is only available in yellow gold as such pure gold can only be yellow.

You can choose your bracelet size from the lateral drop-down menu, the length indicated when you choose is the inner perimeter of the bracelet WITH the opening. Get in touch with us if you are not sure of the bracelet's length required for you.

Who is this bracelet for?

This bracelet is the perfect choice for a man looking for a unique bracelet design made of 22k gold. He is looking for a unique bracelet design, sober and modern.

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    Handcrafted Jewelry

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    How to choose your bracelet

    If you already know your bracelet or wrist size, fine!

    To avoid any mistakes, you can check how to measure your wrist before ordering this bracelet. You can also reach out to us to ask for help choosing the right bracelet size.

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