Egyptian Gold Bracelet

Egyptian Gold Bracelet


Large Egyptian gold bracelet in 18k solid gold.

This big Egyptian gold bracelet is made of 5 parts in solid gold and black leather. The main part of the bracelet is a circular-shaped medallion that is 45 millimeters in diameter carved with Egyptian religious symbols and set with natural gemstones. The other gold parts are the leather bracelet extremities and the two parts of the clasp.

The main central medallion of the bracelet represents a 6-branch star in the center of which is engraved an Ankh cross with an eye of Ra on top of it. The Egyptian ankh cross is decorated with 6 cabochon stones set in place through a bezel setting. You will recognize in the picture from left to right:

  • A white quartz stone
  • A red garnet stone
  • A black prophecy stone
  • A turquoise stone
  • A lapis lazuli stone

All around the border of the medallion are engraved 12 esoteric antic symbols commonly found in ancient African civilization and supposed to bring protection to the person wearing this gold bracelet. 

The medallion is thick with 8 millimeters high but is hollow on the back to spare gold weight. This massive part alone weighs 52 grams of 18-karat gold.

On each side of the medallion, you can see the attachments of the leather strings, these are decorated with a pharaoh's head engraving.

The Ankh symbol:

Also known as the key of life or key of the Nile, it is a representation of Eternal life in ancient Egypt. Its origin is still unclear and it is one of the most ancient symbols of humanity, more than 5000 years old, that is still widely known and used as a symbol, jewelry, or amulet nowadays.

The Eye of Ra symbol:

The Eye of Ra is the right Wedjat-eye, paired with the Eye of Horus which is the left Wedjat eye. The Eye of Ra is considered in ancient Egypt as a goddess that is an extension of the sun god Ra's power. This deity is Ra's partner in the cycle of creation and protects him against agents of chaos.

This bracelet is a massive and unique piece of Egyptian jewelry entirely made of solid gold. Note that the time required to make this Egyptian solid gold pendant is 10 weeks, and that it can be made in white gold upon request.

Who is this bracelet for?

This unique Egyptian jewelry will please a person who is fascinated by ancient Egyptian mythology and symbols and who is looking for a unique amulet style Egyptian bracelet made with care and with a heavy weight of gold.

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