Scarab Ring with Egyptian style in Gold or Silver

Scarab Ring


Solid gold scarab ring in 18-karat gold or sterling silver.

This large scarab ring is a reproduction of an ancient Egyptian scarab ring in gold found by archeologists. This kind of artefact where commonly found in tombs by Egyptologists as the scarab was a very common amulet that Egyptians wore during their life and even was buried with them once mummified to accompany them in the afterlife.

This ring is a signet ring with a massive scarab sculpted on the top, you can see the whole body, the head, and the tibias of the scarab. The top of the ring is oval and is 20 millimeters long by 16 millimeters in width.

The shank of the ring is decorated with two women molded in relief, one on each side, you will notice in the pictures that the two women are different. On one side, you will recognize a woman with her arms crossed on her chest while on the other side is represented a woman sitting with a baby in her arms.

Scarab symbolism and meaning:

In ancient Egypt, the scarab was a symbolic representation of the god Kehpri, responsible for the sun rising every morning. Because Kehpri was believed to roll the sun across the sky, just like scarabs roll their ball of dunk to lay their eggs and give life. For this reason, the scarab was the symbol of the eternal cycle of life: birth, life, death, and resurrection. Small scarab pendants appeared to be worn as amulets or used as seals 4500 years ago. The scarab symbol was so common in ancient Egypt that its use spreads to other close kingdoms such as Greece and Turkey.

This gold scarab ring is 20 millimeters long on the top and 3,5 millimeters large at the bottom with an 18k gold weight of 12 grams in size US 12. Note that the gold weight of your ring will slightly change depending on your ring size.

Who is this ring for?

This ring is made for someone who loves ancient Egyptian artifacts and looking for a superb gold scarab ring with a strong historical background. He will appreciate the engraving details of the scarab with its historical symbologims.

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