How to Measure Your Ring Size

Knowing your ring size is a prerequisite for any ring or wedding ring purchase, whether it's a custom-made ring or not.

We offer below two methods to measure your ring finger size, which are both simple and fast.

This measure is made in millimeters as this is the simplest way to measure your ring or finger size.

Please check out the ring chart below to get the correspondence between your ring size in millimeters and the ring size used in your country (whereas USA or UK).

We also explain why French jewelers use millimeters to measure the ring size to ease the ring making process.

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  1. Measure your ring size from one of your ring
  2. Explanation about the measure
  3. Measure your finger size easily
  4. Ring size chart


Measure using an already owned ring

There are many more or less precise methods to help you determine the ideal ring size for your finger.

We offer here a quick, simple and reliable method to measure your ring size or that of your spouse.

Valid for both men and women, this method will avoid you having to move to your jeweler.

 You will just need the measuring ring, a sheet, a pen, and a ruler.

tool required to measure the size of a ring

Little material needed to measure the size of your ring

The simple method is summarized in this one-minute video.

Some explanations on the method of measuring your finger size

The value measured by this method is equal to the circumference of the ring, which corresponds exactly to the EEC ring size used in jewelery.

So if you measure a value of 52 millimeters for the circumference of the ring, your ring size is 52.

If the measured value is between 52 and 53 millimeters, then you will have to choose a ring of size 53, which is the whole higher value.

Note that to know the inside diameter of your ring (which is a little larger than the diameter of your finger), you need to divide the value measured by Pi = 3.141.

52 / 3.141 = 16.55 mm

Tips for measurement:

To measure your spouse's ring size, take a ring that he or she wears regularly. Over time, the finger size may vary and old rings no longer be at one's finger size.

Why not measure the diameter of the ring with a ruler?

The ring size being the circumference of its internal diameter, it is obtained by multiplying the diameter by Pi = 3,14.

Therefore a measurement error of half a millimeter on the ring diameter will be reflected by an error of 1.5 mm on the circumference of the latter, ie one and a half size above or below the actual size of the ring. the ring.

How to determine your finger size by a direct measure

In case you do not have a ring available to measure the ring size of the person to whom your ring project is destined, it remains the measurement with the help of a string of the turn of a finger.

This is not discreet but remains the simplest and most economical method.

You will need a string, preferably thin, a pen and a ruler.

tools required to measure the size of my finger

This video shows you how to proceed to do this measurement:

As you can see, you have to fold the string in half to reduce the measurement error as explained in chapter 2 of this article.

Ring size chart

This ring size chart shows you the correspondence between french ring size measured in millimeters and US ring size.

ring size chart correspondence

So as you can see, the measure of a ring size in France is the same as the internal circumference of the ring.

We do so as the measure of the ring size serves to make the ring.

Let's take an example, if we want to make a band ring sizing 60 mm with thickness is 1,3 mm:

  • We cut a band of laminated gold of 60 mm + 2* 1,3 mm
  • We roll the band
  • We weld the band

And we have the band ring ready at the size of the finger 60.


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