Chakana: Inca cross pendant (22k gold)

 Anyone traveling to Peru, especially to visit the Inca remains, will find the pattern of Chakana ("tawa chakana" in Quechua) during his journey.

This square cross is a symbol of Inca culture that can be found both on ancient textiles, painted on ceramics and carved on secular walls.

Symbolizing the Southern Cross, it has a cosmological and religious meaning, it says a lot about the conception of the Inca world.

chakana cross from peru

Inca cross also called chakana having served as a model for this manufacture (source)

Creation of a gold Inca cross

Our client, fascinated by the Inca culture, wanted a 22k gold Chakana pendant.

In order to provide us with good quality gold, we supplied ourselves in the form of official gold coins minted by the Bank of Mexico.

This 22-carat gold allowed us to work directly with the original metal of the piece by laminating and then cutting the almost pure gold constituting the piece.

22k gold coin

The difficulty of the work lay in the small size of the pendant, which made handling difficult.

Indeed, this inca cross pendant measures only 10x10 mm for 1mm thick, giving us a total finished weight of only 1.6 grams.

For this work, a piece of gold coin is laminated to make a plate that is then cut with the saw to bring out the contours of the Inca cross.

This plate is then pierced with the central hole and the small hole used to pass the bail of the pendant.

inca cross pendant in 22k gold

 This kind of pendant can be or plate or curved as show here:

making of gold inca cross

chakana cross pendant in gold

gold chakana cross pendant

We let you admire the result of the finished pendant.

Particularly noteworthy is the yellow reflection of solid gold much warmer than gold jewelry of 18 or 14 carats.

We had the opportunity since then to make other chakana crosses pendant in 14k,18k gold and sterling silver as shown here:
 gold inca chakana cross pendant18k inca cross pendantsterling silver inca cross pendant

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January 08, 2018 by Nicolas Tranchant
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