Aztec Calendar Bracelet in Sterling Silver

Aztec Calendar Bracelet


Aztec calendar bracelet in solid Sterling Silver.

Flexible silver bracelet articulated around 9 identical circular links. Each of the links carries a molded representation in relief of the famous Aztec calendar.

You will notice in the photos the details of the Aztec calendar directly inspired by the one carved on the famous Aztec Sun Stone (visible here), but with less detail represented all the same given the small size of the medallions of the bracelet receiving the engraving of this calendar.

Aztec Calendar:

The notion of time had a strong spiritual meaning for the Aztecs. They had not one but two calendars, one calendar of 365 days called "xiuhpohualli" was the calendar of the solar year used for agricultural purposes, and the second calendar of 260 days called "tonalpohualli". This second calendar is the sacred one, used to divide the days and rituals between the gods. This calendar is made of two wheels, one of 13 days and the other one of 20 symbols. So, depending on this spiritual calendar, time is divided in weeks of 13 days (the Aztec week) dedicated to 20 gods, and after 260 days, the calendar starts all over again. This is this spiritual calendar that is represented engraved on this bracelet.

The bracelet is 17,5 centimeters long and 15 millimeters wide, with the engraved links constituting the bracelet being 15 millimeters in diameter. This bracelet will suit a woman whose wrist's circumference is between 15.5 and 16.5 centimeters.

Each of the Aztec motifs is connected by two knuckle rings to the next one, allowing the bracelet to be flexible and to adapt well to the contour of your wrist.

The ratchet clasp is hidden behind one of the circular patterns, making it particularly discreet as shown in one picture of the bracelet, while the bracelet is very easy to set up and remove from the wrist with one hand.

This bracelet weighs about twenty grams, it is made of solid silver.

Who is this bracelet for?

This beautiful Aztec calendar bracelet will please a person looking for a solid silver bracelet inspired by the antique Aztec calendar. This person certainly possesses Aztec jewelry and will be pleased to add this Aztec bracelet to her collection.

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Handcrafted Jewelry

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