Aztec Ring with Turquoise Stone

Aztec Ring


Aztec ring with ancient divine symbols and natural turquoise stones.

This ring is a unique representation of antique Mesoamerican symbols of precious metal Greek enterlaced with a turquoise-made Greek.

This ring is a partial reproduction of the Yanhuitlán chest adornment "Escudo de Yanhuitlán" or Yanhuitlán pectoral" exposed in the National Museum of Anthropology of Mexico. You can see the original jewelry in the picture on this page. It was found in Oaxaca in 1985 and was made by Mixtecas between 1200 and 1500. Gold represents the sun and the warrior while turquoise represents the water meaning Life. Such chest jewelry had a strong spiritual meaning for Mesoamericans, as you can see gold (or silver) interlaced with turquoise stone, it symbolizes Life and Death interlaced in the form of Greeks.

While the original piece of jewelry comes from the Mixteca culture, it shows a spiritual representation of a fight between Life and Death that was common to several cultures, including the Aztecs. You will find more Aztec symbols by reading our post on this subject

This signet ring is a transposition in a ring of the famous Shield of Yanhuitlán, showing the Greek made of gold (or silver) and the Greek made of natural turquoise stone. The whole border of the ring is decorated with milegrain.

The top of the ring receiving the turquoise stone is 16 millimeters large and the bottom of the ring is 6 millimeters in width. The total gold weight of the ring is 11 grams in size US 8. Note that the gold weight of your finger can slightly vary depending on your finger size.

Note that this ring is handmade and each of the turquoise stone pieces is cut once by once to fit the Greek symbol and connect with other turquoise stones like a jigsaw, which makes the making of this ring time-consuming but gives it its magic.

This ring is available in different metals to adapt to your budget:

  • Sterling silver, the whole ring is in 925 silver, with a weight of 8 grams, this is the most economical version of this Aztec ring
  • 18k gold: the whole ring is made of 750 solid gold, with a total weight of 18k gold of 11 grams in size US 8

This design was made in natural yellow gold, so you may want to choose the 18k yellow gold option to have your ring as much similar as possible to the original Shield of Yanhuitlán.

Who is this ring for?

This ring is made for a connoisseur of antique jewelry passionated by Aztec jewelry and Mesoamerican symbols. This person will appreciate the reproduction of the Greeks in precious metal and natural stone with an intricated design of jigsaw turquoise stone fitting precisely one into another.

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