130+ creative proposal ideas for a unique event

If you are looking for the best idea to propose to your girlfriend to marry you or get engaged, this is your definitive list.

We have gathered the most complete list of 135 great proposal ideas.

Whatever your skills or the personality of your loved one, you will find here the perfect way to ask her: Will you marry me?

The proposal idea I prefer is number 17 and the craziest might be number 122 while number 124 was a buzz worldwide.

Check this out! 

  1. Best proposal ideas at Home
  2. Unique ways to propose to your loved one
  3. Beach proposal ideas
  4. Romantic proposal
  5. Outdoor proposal ideas
  6. Simple and private proposal ideas
  7. Cute proposal ideas
  8. Winter proposal ideas
  9. Fall proposal ideas
  10. Party proposal with family and friends
  11. Funny proposal
  12. Public proposal ideas
  13. Flower proposal
  14. Amazing proposal ideas that are way different
  15. Hotel proposal
  16. Holiday or Vacation proposal
  17. Restaurant proposal

Best proposal ideas at Home

1- Hire a Chef to cook an incredible surprise dinner for both of you while you are having a romantic time in your place. Be sure to decorate your home in a cozy way. Cozymeal is a great website to find your private chef.

2- Bedroom proposal with glowing stickers on the ceiling asking the question once the light is off. Be sure to have the ring and champagne ready to celebrate after she saw it. Buy quality stickers that will glow long enough at night to give you time to propose her, here you have some.

3- In bed breakfast, let her wake up with a coffee smell, prepare fresh orange juice, her favorite foods, strawberries, and the ring.

4- Huge graffiti proposal on your wall with the "will you marry me sign" like Ryan did to ask his girlfriend.

5- Surprise morning proposal while your loved one is still in bed in the morning, slip the ring to her finger while she is still sleeping, and wait for her to wake up. Follow a breakfast in bed with a personal twist to make it unforgettable. Read the story of Michael who has done it this way.

6- Fortune cookie proposal you have made yourself, even better, you have made with her. You will find fortune cookie recipe here, insert your message and be sure to mark this cookie to put it in her hands then.

7- Set-up in your own living room: While she is out of the day or the weekend, quit all the furniture and redecorate your place with flowers, balloons, pictures, ribbons, make it a totally different and magical place with her favorite flowers, music and memories, surprise guarantee. Check out more proposal ideas at home here.

8- Helium balloon proposal: organize a surprise home delivery of helium balloon in a box with the question written on it. Obviously, you will have more surprises to celebrate as flowers and champagne...You can find such ballon online here

9- Pastry proposal, you can surprise her with her favorite pastry to surprise her with the ring set on it or have a custom pastry especially made for her.

10- Post-it proposal, set up the room where you plan to propose to her with a full wall of post-its of different colors to write your message. Be prepared to paste thousands of post-its to get your message ready. Watch the story of this man who used 8000 post-its to write his message on his wall:

11- Telescope moon sighting If you have a telescope, invite her to see the full moon with your telescope while the telescope's eyepiece is printed with your question. Read this cute story of David proposing to his girlfriend this way.

telescope moon proposal


    Unique ways to propose to a girl

    12- Memory book: make your own scrapbook with unique pictures and your lovely comments with the ring inside inserted in the book. This is easy to do if you are a crafty person.

    13- Cook for her an incredible meal, with champagne, wine, and candles. You, better than anyone knows what she likes or not. You can take cooking lessons for a while to scale up your level so you will totally amaze her with this unknown skill. If you think you lack the time to do so, it is easy to register for online cooking classes: Sur la Table.

    14- Hire a local band to play a romantic song with her name in the street of one of our own events, propose to her when she asks if she heard her name in the song. If your band cannot write the song and you have no talent for this, consider hiring a professional musician to do so: Customsong

    15- Night drone show: while having a walk outdoor with her after the sunset, she will think to see UFOs but it will be a night light show made by drones. Such a show can be made through this company or others. Have a look at what it looks like here:

    16- Make a movie of your story with pictures and videos of you two with the question at the end, and your 18-karats gold wedding ring ready for her.

    17- Hiding her engagement ring under her nose for one year: this sounds crazy and impossible, but that's what Terry did to propose to his girlfriend. He offered her a cheap wooden pendant to open it with her one year after, check out this amazing story here:

    18- Have her favorite book signed by the author with the comment will you marry "boyfriend's name"? If this sounds too much for you, check the story of Gary who asks the creators of an online game to help him propose through the game.

    19- Surprise weekend getaway: Organize a surprise romantic weekend for you two as a surprise for her, and propose to her the first day. Jules made it this way (check it here). He turned her alarm clock off on a business day, let her wake up, brought her by place to a special place where he proposed to her with intimacy while the whole family was hidden close.

    20- Propose to her in her own language, this is a simple and romantic way to ask the question if you are both from different cultures as your accent will seem very cute to her.

    21- Tipi proposal, set up your special place for your special event. The tipi proposal offers the flexibility to be set up inside or outside with sun or rain to create a unique decoration for a romantic moment for just the two of you.

    romantic tipi set up for a unique proposal (photo source)

    Beach proposal ideas

    22- Romantic beach set-up at the sunset with illuminated path will surprise her and allow you to enjoy this moment for several hours enjoying the view and romance. A lot of resorts and restaurants offer their help to do such a proposal, be it in Cancun or Puerto vallarta like The Kliff restaurant as an example.

    23- Will you marry me sign in flames, let her discover the sign while you are both walking on the beach or assisting a fire show like this one: 

    24- Sailing on a boat, relaxing on a boat is a great experience when you are on the shore and so common that she will not suspect it. Rent a sailing boat with its captain and arrange for the crew to shoot the pictures of your experience and proposal. Most sailing boat renters offer photo packages. Check these amazing examples of sailing boat's proposals.

    25- Around a bonfire, while being easy to do, fire is attractive to everyone and creates a magical atmosphere. Moreover, this is so common that you will totally surprise her, get the flowers, wine, and the ring ready close to the bone fire to make it a very special moment.

    26- Scuba diving proposal. Scuba diving is a common activity on almost all the shores of the world. You can plan to write your proposal with stones on the seafloor, to propose her with a sign underwater, or give her the ring once diving together. Be sure your girlfriend has some experience in scuba diving as the emotion can make her lost her breath, check the story of Maxwel who proposed to his fiancée underwater.

    27- Surf session proposal, ask her while surfing the wave with her like this man did, or get your question written on the surfboard you will unveil at the last moment before getting in the water.

    28- Write it down in the sand or with rocks just to see it during your sunset walk. This can be easy to do, romantic, and can reach an unbelievable level as you can see with this story.


    29- Seashell surprise, hide the ring in a seashell you are sure she will see or you will show to her, ask her to get it and wait for the moment she will flip it. This man surprised his girlfriend by proposing to her this way.

    30- Sky lanterns proposal, there is no other way to achieve a more romantic atmosphere than being under the sky full of sky lanterns. This magical moment is perfect to propose as you can get on your knee while she is staring at the lights upward.

    sky lanterns proposal

    31- Baby sea turtles proposal, it is very easy if you are in the golf of Mexico or on the Mexican pacific shore to participate in a baby sea turtle release. This is an incredibly cute moment after which you can propose to her. Here you will have more information about turtle release in Nayarit, Mexico.

    32- Sand sculpture, hire a sand sculpture artist to make your design she will discover while walking by with you. This seems too easy, but have a look at what can be done here.

    33- Message in a bottle proposal, set the scene to make her find a bottle on the shore with a romantic message inside, you show the ring when she finishes reading. Check how such a proposal unfolds for this fiancé.

    34- Private dinner on the beach only the two of you. You will usually require some help from local or from employees of your resort to set this up.

    beach private dinner set up for marriage proposal

    Romantic proposal

    35- In a classic way, waiting for her at home with candles, rose petals playing her favorite love music, and champagne. You can create a magical and romantic atmosphere while she is out to surprise her when she comes back.

    36- Personalized Champagne label, celebrate with her offering a toast in her honor with your question printed in a personalized label of your bottle of champagne. You can do it yourself or get in touch with this company that offers such a service (and the wine).

    37- With a poem, write her a unique poem with your own word and references to your story with her, you don't need to be fancy, be true to yourself to touch her heart. Here you will find some word inspiration for your own poem.

    38- Use her own words, propose her with the exact specific loving words she used with you 1,2 or 3 years ago...And the ring of course (champagne and flowers).

    39- Make a cartoon movie of your proposal, you can hire a freelancer for that as this French girl did to propose her American partner, have a look at this nice cartoon proposal: 

    40- Piano proposal, the piano is known to be a romantic and symbolic instrument of love, ideal for your proposal. Wait for the story of Zack who not only played himself the piano to propose to his loved one but took lessons to be able to do so. Check this out here:

    41- Romantic bathtub/jaccuzzi proposal, while she expects a romantic bath to relax with you, enjoy this opportunity to create a special atmosphere with candles, nice words, strawberries, and champagne to declare your love and propose to her.

    romantix bathtube proposal

    42- In a castle, propose to her in a castle while having a tour in Europe. If you do not have the opportunity to go to Europe, you can also plan such a proposal in a castle in the US as Todd has done to propose Jenny. If you want to rent a castle in the US, you can find one Vrbo.com.

    Outdoor proposal

    43- Backyard set up, this might be the simplest of all outdoor proposal, but still offer plenty of opportunities to surprise her while being creative. Gather lights/candles and pictures to accomodate your garden with your memories. Check out the backyard proposal of Chris here, which gives you an idea of a simple, warm and romantic outdoor proposal.

    44- Scavenger hunt, organizing such a proposal will obviously give clues to your partner, anyway this is the occasion to marry romance with adventure to lead your loved one to the pinnacle of emotions. Have a look at Graeme's scavenger hunt for his proposal. This scavenger hunt guide will help you set up your own.

    45- Hiking on the top of a hill or summit is a great way to find intimacy and transform an outdoor adventure into a life adventure. And if you are worried about the weather, be sure that the rain can be an incredible source of emotion and memories for such an event. Have a look at this rainy proposal shooting to give you an idea.

    46- Rooftop proposal, at the sunset opening a champagne bottle with an amazing view, is a great way to create a unique experience for a unique event. While you can rent an amazing rooftop in a big city like New York, other places offer incredible views, like in Greece.

    rooftop proposal in Greece

    47- Intimate getaway, find an amazing place for an intimate getaway to propose to her while being in a fantastic outdoor place. This photographer is specialized in making proposal shootings in incredible places.

    48- Theme park proposal, all theme parks offer activities with photo shooting while having fun together, this is the perfect way to immortalize your proposal while surprising her. Have a look here at some proposal ideas in Theme parks. 

    49- Hot air balloon ride, this proposal set up speaks for itself. Having a ride in such a hot air balloon is an adventure that will be all the more unforgettable with your proposal.

    50- Easter eggs surprise, hiding the ring in the egg you are sure she will find will create the surprise you are expecting. Discover here Sonia's easter egg surprise proposal. These companies offer luxurious easter eggs to hide your engagement ring.

    51- Picnic in a park, while being simple to set up, it is very romantic and can be done almost everywhere with little logistics with fine food, wine and the ring. While you can organize everything yourself, it can be easier to have someone help you or to plan it with a specialized company like this one.

    52- Walking in a park or garden, casual lovers' walk is the perfect moment to pop the question, wait to be alone or find a special spot to do it. While Central Park may be the most famous park to do your proposal in New York, Kevin proposed to his girlfriend in the Chicago garden.

    53- Gardening proposal, this is the ideal proposal if you share a passion for plants and garden decoration. Hide the ring or a loving card where you are sure she will look and take advantage of being already kneeled to propose to her.

    54- Drone delivery proposal, it can be a romantic card or the ring that is delivered by a drone in the most unexpected place and moment while your are in the perfect spot. Jason took advantage of a simple photo shooting to propose this way.

    55- Carved in a tree your proposal where you are certain she will see it while hiking together in the forest. This is so cliché and romantic and will last for years, printed in nature.

    56- Full moon proposal, wait for a full moon after the sunset to propose her in a magic environment, get a set up close to where you will propose. Be sure to have a clear sky and a light on your ring box so she can see her ring.

    57- Firepit proposal, fire has the power to hypnotize and transport you out of time. Take advantage of a relaxed and romantic firepit night to propose to her. Champagne, fruits, marshmallows, and flowers will complement the setup for showing her the ring. Check the story of Keith who proposed to his girlfriend around a firepit.

    marriage proposal around a firepit outdoor(source

    58- Golf course proposal, if your share this activity together, it is easy to hide the ring box in the hole of your choice to make her find it. This is what Phillippe did to propose, as you can see here

    59- Wall art proposal, get an artist to paint a street wall with your question personalized with the specific theme she loves. Sath is an artist who proposed this french girl french with an amazing painting. You can read his story here

    Simple and private proposal to preserve intimacy with a low key budget

    60- Photobooth proposal, while such a proposal seems cliché, it is still an easy way to surprise her while immortalizing the event with cool old-school photos. Elliot made his proposal in a photo booth and created cute memories.

    61- Printed cup proposal, print your question at the bottom of her cup of tea or coffee, and bring it to her in bed in the morning. You can also buy this magical thermic cup that changes its appearance (and the message) with heat, have a look here.

    62- Bookmark proposal, make a personalized loving card that you will hide in the book she is reading. You already know when she will open her book and be ready to show her the ring at the right moment. You can also attach the ring to the ribbon bookmark of her book.

    63- In the mailbox, let her find her ring while opening the mailbox, be close to her when she does.

    64- Kinder joy surprise with an engagement ring in it. Sure your loved one enjoys Kinder chocolate and will be surprised to find a ring in it. Watch this video showing you how you can open such a kinder egg to place your engagement ring in it.

    65- Hire a proposal planner to help you with the ideas and setting up your plan of action or if you lack the time to do it. This planner explains the advantage of hiring a proposal planner.

    66- Ferris wheel proposal and propose to her when you are on the top. Watch this man proposing to his girlfriend in a Ferris Wheel and her reaction. You will find here the list of the top 12 biggest Ferris wheels in the world.

    67- Modified board game proposal. Proposing while playing a board game is intimate and will totally surprise her when the board is tricked as Justin did with this modified monopoly game.(https://www.theplunge.com/proposal-ideas/the-monopoly-board-proposal/)

    68- GPS tracker proposal. Invite her for a walk or a run with your GPS tracker on and show her the GPS track that says Marry me? at the end of the walk. A few miles run should be enough, you do not need to trek 4000 miles through Japan to propose as Yassan did for his own proposal.

    69- Plant a tree together in your garden, then propose to her once she gets up and you are still on your knee. Sharing the same activity with a tree planted in your garden that will last for decades is a very romantic move.  Tree planting ceremonies are common and more formalized for marriages.

    70- QR code proposal, make your own QR code online you will print and paste on a river walk or other where you plan to invite her to walk with you. Let her be intrigated and investigate this QR code that is all over the place like Jerry did to propose to his girlfriend.

    71- Magic ink proposal, lemon ink is invisible to the eye but turns brownish once exposed to heat. Use lemon ink to write your loved words to propose to your loved one and let the heat reveal your message. Reveal with a candle flames or lightbulb at the appropriate moment. You find here the tutorial to make your own lemon ink.

    72- Sweet notes sowing, place lovely notes in every corner of the places she used to stand or be in a normal day (mirror, drawer, bag, car keys, steering wheel, at the office ) and finish the day with your proposal.

      Cute proposal idea

      73- Family gathering proposal, it can be a total surprise or planned gathering with another pretext (photoshoot or other). Anyway, the idea is to surprise your loved one and celebrate with all your relatives soon after. This family proposal gives you an idea of how to plan your own: 

      74- Pet proposal, this can be made in several manners, with your question attached to his collar or making your pet hold the ring or a sign with the question on it. Check here how Jerad proposed to his girlfriend with a cat collar printed with the question.

      75- Children proposal, let them help you to propose. They can hold the sign, have their t-shirt printed with the Will you marry me? or even bring the flowers with the ring to her. This man received some help from his 5 years old son to propose to his girlfriend.

      76- Fortune teller proposal. You will have to hire a fortune teller to meet both of you during one of your activities (shopping, walking...). Let him do his magic and reading your fiancée's hand...He will predict her happiness in the near future if she can make the right decision...propose to her then.

      77- Photoshoot proposal, organize a family photo shoot out in a nice place that turns out to be her proposal. You can have your family or friends hidden close to celebrate with them.

      78- Puzzle proposal, you will have to make your own personalized puzzle to amaze her. This man must have made the best puzzle proposal ever building a piece of enginery, and shared this work here: (https://imgur.com/gallery/ZSxCl )

      79- Ask her singing, it can be a cover or your own song if you are a musician. This is pretty easy to set up, look how this man proposed to his girlfriend singing: 

      80- At a wedding, while you are thinking of proposing to her, you must have friends getting married soon. Take advantage of the bouquet toss moment to propose to your loved one, with the help of the brides.

      Winter proposal ideas

      81- Chocolate box surprise with the ring and a card in the middle of the chocolates. As it is common to offer chocolates for Christmas, surprise her with a nice chocolate dressing with your question written on the chocolates or the ring nicely presented with them.

      82- Christmas light illumination, while it is common to decorate your house with strings of lights for Christmas, use them to write your proposal outdoor and light on the strings just before you invite her for a walk in your backyard.

      83- Ring box bauble, hide your engagement ring in a ring box bauble hanging in the Christmas tree, make it visible to her and wait for her to see it. You will find such bauble on Etsy or get personalized bauble ring boxes here.

      84- Mistletoe proposal, as the tradition commands kiss her under the mistletoe, then get on your knee and propose to her. This can be made in the privacy of your house or outdoor like this man did. She surely expects the kiss but will be surprised by your proposal.

      85-Christmas tree decoration, propose to her while decorating the Christmas tree, let her found the ring hanging to the tree branch while she is hanging the baubles.

      christmas tree decoration proposal

      86- Christmas cracker proposal, as Christmas crackers are a tradition you have your chance to surprise her with a personalized cracker. Learn how to make your own Christmas cracker with this 2 minutes tutorial.

      87- Valentine's day proposal. Valentine's day is always the occasion to do a romantic celebration of your love, surprise her by going one step further with your proposal. Usually, this is made in a restaurant while having a nice meal. Here are some examples of such happy proposals.

      88- New year's eve's night proposal, this is THE night for a new beginning, and you can enjoy it to share your loving thoughts with your loved one.

      89- Write it in the snow with salt, find the perfect location for her to see it in the morning and write it down with salt in the snow. Let her discover your proposal in the morning.

      90- Advent calendar proposal, especially if you use to offer one each year, this is the perfect way to surprise her with your proposal. Moreover, it is very easy to find tutorials to make your own advent calendar that will fit your needs. Check these creative advent calendar ideas to help you out.

      Fall proposal idea

      91- Halloween proposal, the jack-o-lantern carving contest is a classic way to propose to her using a pumpkin to surprise her. Place a candle inside your pumpkin and create a romantic atmosphere with candles in the room.

      92- Corn Maze proposal, corn maze can be a great activity to do together and a way to surprise her with your proposal. Check the story of Travis who made such a proposal in his family cornfield. A corn maze is a popular activity to propose your fiancée, and as you surely do not have your own corn maze, you will find some close to you here.

      93- Umbrella proposal, you want to propose despite the rainy days, the umbrella proposal is perfect to pop up the question. Gather some friends you will have your question written on their umbrella they will show on the last moment.

      rainy day proposal with umbrellas

      93- Football game proposal, as she loves to be in public and football games, you will easily propose to her during the game and make her happy. Set it up to be on camera if you are sure she loves public events.

      94- Thanksgiving proposal, as a family event, you will surprise her with your relatives to share this special event with you. Bring the question with the ring hidden in her champagne or set it on the cake.

      95- Winery proposal, for wine lovers, wine tasting and vineyard visit create the perfect atmosphere for the proposal, outdoor with a great panorama. This map of US vineyards will help you to find the closest/best vineyard to plan your proposal

      Party friends proposal ideas with friends

      96- Piñata proposal, if she is of Latin origins or loves festive parties, plan a piñata with the ring inside. This video shows why a piñata smashing is perfect for a proposal. Moreover, it is easy to have a custom-made piñata here.

      97- Party proposal, propose to her while you are having a casual party with your friends. Obviously, everybody knows except her. Plan the date for an event that will not be linked with your love story to make the proposal a surprise. 

      98- Make your own movie. Project your own movie in a theater with friends and relatives inside, hidden, while she thinks to be watching a commercial movie. This is not the easiest proposal to plan but you will love this sleeping beauty movie proposal: 

      99- Birthday cake proposal with the question on it and the ring. It is better to do it while you are celebrating your own birthday and not hers as she could see it coming.

      Funny proposal set up

      100- Accident simulation, be sure she will not faint. You can simulate a police arrest or fire fighter intervention or simulate a fall from a roof top to propose her as this man did:

      101- Hidden clues photos, it consists in taking picture of you two with the proposal clues (ring, cards or other) on them for weeks or months before showing her all the pictures at once and proposing her. Edi did such a thing to propose to his girlfriend and his pictures are both cute and funny, especially for her.

      102- Make her organize her own proposal. Contact your mother-in-law so your loved one organize a surprise party for you (birthday, event) with your fiancée. Meanwhile, plan the real proposal party with even more surprise for her. Have a look here at such an emotive proposal.

      103- Hire a magician to play some trick at your party/family or in the street, with an engagement ring as a magical surprise. This man set up such a proposal to his fiancée:  

      104- Giant ring proposal, in spite of hiding the ring, you can choose the opposite way and go big. This man chose a giant inflatable ring to propose. funny proposal with giant inflatable ring(photo source)

      Public proposal idea

      105- Flash mob proposal, you will have to choose the best song for her and decide if your want to hire professional dancers or make this flashmob with parents and relatives. You are sure that she is not shy and at ease in public.

      106- At work proposal, you will have to set it up with the help of her boss and colleagues and bring your clothest friends to the event. Check how this man organized his proposal on his fiancée's workplace: 

      107-Rent a billboard to ask her the question. This is pretty easy to organize as some companies are specialized in such rentals, like this one. Did you know you can even rent the Times Square giant billboard to propose to your loved one?

      108- Fairytale proposal, set up a show inspired by her preferred classic movie. This is a lot of work but surely amazing fun for all the participants. 

        Flower proposal idea

        109- Propose with flowers, with the ring in it. You can choose the classic roses or the flowers she prefers the most. This is by far the simplest proposal to do, but with the right works and your love, the story begins.

        110- Flower delivery, every two hours. Send her flowers at work with a love note all day long, she will call you to understand why and pretend this is an error from the florist. Go for her at the end of her day with more flowers and the ring to propose to her.

        111- Flower arrangement proposal, with your question written with flowers. This is easier than you can imagine and your florist should be able to recommend your the best flowers to do so.

        flower proposal with Be mine arrangement(photo source)

          Amazing /special /different proposal

          112- Helicopter ride proposal, obviously this kind of proposal is an option if your loved one loves the air or likes to fly with you if you are a pilot. The helicopter is the perfect machine to fly and fit to the special romantic place you wanted to be with your fiancée to propose to her. This video shows you what can of special proposal you can think of with the help of a helicopter: 

          113- Airplane ride proposal, while being less flexible than a helicopter, you can still have a great experience in the air to propose. Look at this man proposing in the air while piloting on its own the aircraft.

          114- Skydiving proposal, allows you to mix the thrill of skydiving with the emotion of the proposal once on the floor. Your question can be printed on a sign on the floor where she will land and wait for her with the ring. 

          115- Air banner proposal, pulled by an airplane with your question and her name on it. You will find companies online offering such services worldwide.

          116- Giant banner in the street, set on the building in front of your window asking will you marry me? 

          117- Bungee jump proposal, propose her after her jump with a large sign on the floor so she can see it while landing.

          117- Make a show with your friends inspired by her preferred movie. Look at this show inspired by Peter Pan this man set up to propose to his girlfriend:

          118- Firework proposal, this is the go big or go home formula. This requires a lot of planning, you can check this tutorial on how to do it or hire a professional to help you do it. This man hired an Opera singer and fireworks to propose: 

          119- Time capsule proposal, this proposal requires a lot of planning as you will have first to bury your capsule together, get back there alone before the proposal to change the content of the capsule, and then come back again with your partner to dig up the capsule together. Check the amazing story of Troy who proposed to Jennifer this way.

          120- Celebrity proposal, ask your preferred star to help you propose while assisting to one of his events as those people did for their own proposal.

          121- Set your house on fire, and be sure to surprise her! While this can be funny for others, this is what happened to Albert who accidentally set their apartment on fire while trying to create a home proposal set-up with candles. Be sure to handle candles with care.

          122- Airplane failure proposal, you need to be a pilot to be able to propose that way and be sure your loved one handles the stress. Look how Anthony proposed while simulating a failure while flying: 

          123- Building lighting message, you will need to plan well your proposal and to speak with a lot of people but the result will amaze her. This man proposed to hisgirl friend with a 10-story building's light message. Read his story here

          124- Lip dub proposal, this requires a lot of friends, relatives, and planning but is such an emotional proposal. Wath how Isaac set up such a proposal that went viral: 

          Hotel proposal ideas

          125- Make your own surprise proposal with the help of the staff of a stunning hotel, on a balcony, pool, restaurant, or breakfast in bed. Ask for help while reserving your hotel and check if they are experienced with such a proposal.

          126- Room makeover proposal, set up a romantic proposal while she is away (pool, spa, or shopping) with flower petals on the floor, balloons and flower arrangement, champagne, and the ring and propose her while she enters the room.

          127- Terrace or rooftop dinner, a private dinner with an incredible view will create the perfect romantic experience to propose.

          128- Spa proposal, after a massage session and manicure, propose to her while she is relaxed and zen to finish her day with your proposal and romantic dinner.

          129- Get a hotel proposal package with all services included, view, champagne, chef, and decoration. This kind of package gives you quality and freedom of mind.

          Holiday or vacation proposal ideas

          130- Public place or monument with a romantic meaning for her, it could be Paris, Venice, Rome...Montmartre in Paris or Machu Pichu in Peru. Here are some examples of romantic places where to propose in the world

          131- Magical place proposal, if your trip was not planned for the proposal, you can take advantage of your holidays to find the perfect spot to propose to her while you are on vacation. Here are some examples of the best places to propose in the US: https://theplunge.com/guides/the-best-places-to-propose-in-all-50-states/.

          132- Surprise trip to her favorite place in the world, and propose to her once you arrive there. Read the story of Adam who organized a fake trip to NY to reveal at the last moment that the destination was Paris, and proposed in front of the Eiffel tower.

          133- Day off proposal, arrange a day off at her office, and plan a surprise gataway in a lovely place. This will be so obvious that you will have to propose to her at the beginning of your excursion.

            Restaurant proposal

            134- Champagne toast proposal, ask for a champagne toast to celebrate your love. Talk with the waiter to put the ring in her glass she will see while sipping her champagne.

            135- Ring set on the desert, after a good meal, surprise her with her favorite desert with the ring set on top of it. Hiding the dessert with a cover up to the last moment will help you to surprise her. Read the story of Jose who proposed to his girlfriend with the desert.


            So, what do you think?

            Have you proposed with one of these ideas. Do not hesitate to comment and share your experience is you have proposed in a different way, we could include your idea to this list.


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