Custom mens biker ring

Biker clubs always have their emblem, worn as well on their leather jacket, tattooed on the body or worn proudly engraved on a jewel.

In this case, this is a silver biker ring that receives the logo of the club, the sponsor belonging to a French motorcycle club.

Their emblem depicts a custom pirate style skull with crossbones and a pirate headband on one of the skull's orbits.

biker logo for skull ring design

Skull emblem to be molded on the silver ring

For this skull biker ring, the design was a little complex; the skull and its details had to be molded in 3D like an antique low relief, the head and the bones had to be realistic.

We will detail here the stages of the manufacture of this ring which is massive and quite heavy.

Making of the silver biker ring

silver custom biker ring

Finished silver biker ring made from the skull emblem of the biker club, made through our custom made service

The design of the ring includes a 3D sculpture of the logo on the square top of the ring and a deep engraving of initials in Gothic letters on each side of the ring uprights.

custom police engraving on silver skill ring for biker

Our work begins with the realization of a 3D CAD model of the ring project that will validate the design with the sponsor. This step allows us to validate the dimensions, the volumes and the proportions of the different elements engraved with respect to each other.

It is at this stage that we really move from the project phase to a materialization of the future ring.

numeric design of the biker ring

Numeric design of the men's biker ring

The advantage of the computer tool is that one can already have an idea of the final rendering of the ring even before its manufacture.

This permits us to avoid any design error between what our client wants and what we understand we have to make.
rendering of the ring in silver

 Rendering  of the ring in sterling silver

Once the design is validated, we can then go to the actual manufacture of the ring.

First, a resin model is made with a 3D printer from the CAD file previously produced.

This resin ring will allow us to create a refractory plaster mold in which the molten silver will be poured in order to obtain our silver ring.

silver casting of the skull biker ring under creation

 The rough silver casting of the ring showing the lateral initials engravings

The ring is then deburred, the details retouched then the ring is polished and blackened to bring out the details of the design (the hollow letters and the dressing).

And gets this final result:

silver skull ring for men

view of the skull engraved on the plateau of the biker ring

custom biker ring in silver

View from different angles of the details of the silver ring with the embossed pirate skull and the blackened Gothic hollowed letters

More skull ring design for men

Hereunder are presented different custom skull ring designs we had the opportunity to create in our jewelry workshop.

silver skull ring for men mexican skull ring in silver gold skull ring for women
white gold mexicain skull ring white gold skull ring eagle biker ring


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April 19, 2019 — Nicolas Tranchant

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