Custom Skull Biker Rings

Jewelry is an art that adapts to every group of individuals, any tribe with its own code and rules. That is why bikers are found of jewelry, having developped their own form of art and codes with unique jewelry designs made of skulls, flames and bones.

While men usually wear few jewelry, bikers are know to wear a lot of big and rugged jewelry designs following their own designing rules. This is totally different of the rest of the jewelry making industry and a great source of creation for any jeweler looking for some new jewelry challenge.

We will show case here different cases of biker jewelry and rings we have made for motorcycle clubs or individual bikers looking for their unique piece of jewelry to wear during their ride.

To be clear, we work from the patch of the club or the logo send by email to make the 3D design of the biker ring. The rendering allow us to showcase the final result of the project before making the ring in silver or gold. With the green light from our client, we can then start the making of the sterling silver biker rings. 

Motorcycle club ring in silver


  1. Silver Biker ring
  2. Motorcycle club ring
  3. Gold biker ring
  4. Mexican skull biker ring
  5. Cross biker ring 
  6. Biker wedding ring
  7. Women's biker ring
  8. More biker jewelry
large biker ring for men skull biker ring black silver biker skull ring

1. Sterling Silver Biker Ring

For this biker ring design, we were contacted by the president of a french motorcyle club. He wanted us to make several sterling silver biker rings from their mc patch. Their emblem depicts a custom pirate style skull with crossbones and a pirate headband on one of the skull's orbits.

MC patch for biker club sterling silver biker ring

For this skull biker ring, the design was a little complex; the skull and its details had to be molded in 3D like an antique low relief, the head and the bones had to be realistic.
We will detail here the stages of the manufacture of this ring which is massive and quite heavy.

The design of the ring includes a 3D sculpture of the logo on the square top of the ring and a deep engraving of initials in Gothic letters on each side of the ring uprights.

custom police engraving on silver skill ring for biker

Our work begins with the realization of a 3D CAD model of this large men's silver ring project that will validate the design with the sponsor. This step allows us to validate the dimensions, the volumes and the proportions of the different elements engraved with respect to each other.

It is at this stage that we really move from the project phase to a materialization of the future ring.

numeric design of the biker ring

Numeric design of the men's biker ring

The advantage of the computer tool is that one can already have an idea of the final rendering of the ring even before its manufacture. This allows us to avoid any design error between what our client wants and what we understand we have to make.
rendering of the ring in silver

 Rendering  of the ring in sterling silver

Once the design is validated by the members of the club, we can then go to the actual manufacture of the ring. First, a resin model is made with a 3D printer from the CAD file previously produced. This resin ring will allow us to create a refractory plaster mold in which the molten silver will be poured in order to obtain our silver ring.

men's biker ring customization making process of a custom biker ring

 The rough silver casting of the ring showing the lateral initials engravings

The ring is then deburred, the details retouched then the ring is polished and blackened to bring out the details of the design (the hollow letters and the dressing), so we obtain this result:

biker ring with skull and bones in silver biker ring for men
skull biker ring in sterling silver skull silver ring for bikers

2. Motorcycle Club Ring

This other MC ring was also made for a french biker club, we had to made 11 rings from the patch design of the club. This design is less wild and represent no skulls at all but a little kid peeing on motorcycles handtools.

mc patch cutom biker ring for men in silver

The design of this large biker ring is made like a US universitary ring, with a rounded top engraved iwth the patch of the club and flames on both sides of the ring.

Following the same steps as the first project presented, we made a 3D model of the project and then rendering pictures of the project showing in detail the final result of the project.

  custom biker ring for mc club

The sculpting stages of the ring and the rendering views of this latter allow the client to see the future ring finish giving him a good idea of the design is right or needs to be changed.

design of a custom biker ring in sterling silverThe making of this large biker ring follow the same steps as shown previously. A master is printed in wax to make mold that is burn before pouring the melted silver in it.

The rings are debured, retouched and polished.

outlaw biker ring in silver for men men's biker ring personalized in silver

And here, you can see all the ring made for this motorcycle club:

11 biker rings made for a motorcycle club

3. Gold Biker Ring

 While sterling silver is the most common precious metal used for the making of customized biker rings. Some bikers prefer 18k gold for the making of their unique rider's ring which is the heirloom of their lifestyle.

While this biker ring design is more expensive, being a unique piece and made of 18k gold, it was simpler to make than the others made from the patch design. This ring consist in skull ring with initials engraved on each side of the ring.

gold biker ring custom made

 White gold biker skull ring customized with engraved initials on each side

The project is first modelized with a CAD program from our client's ideas. Then the rendering gives life to the project, showing the ring as it will be at the end of the project.

gold biker ring design

The CAD model shows the general designs and lateral engraving of custom initials on the sides while the rendering views of the ring gives a good impression of how will the ring look like once made in white gold.

white gold biker ring

Such a white gold ring is much heavier than the same ring made of sterling silver and will not tarnished with time. The making process of such a ring is the same as the one used to make the previous silver biker rings: 3D modeling, 3D printing, then casting and finishing.

gold biker ring for men white gold skull biker ring
biker ring for men in gold custom gold biker ring

4. Mexican skull biker ring

While bikers always bring with them the cliché of the route 66, Hell's Angels and skull rings riding their bikes in the US, they are also bikers in Mexico. In fact, Mexico has a long tradition of cultural fascination for skulls and bones that is resumed with the Calavera, a joyfull skull coming back from the death to party duraing the night of Novembre 1st.

This tradition of the Calavera inspired us to make this skull ring design that can be made in silver or solid gold.

Mexican biker ring

 Rendering view of the design of the Mexican biker ring showing an happy skull with flowers engraved

Here under, you can see some examples of this mexican ring made in silver, white gold and yellow gold.

yellow gold biker ring 18k white gold biker ring
silver mexican biker ring mexican skull biker ring with flowers

5. Cross biker ring

The cross that is most commonly seen on biker's ring is the Templar cross, such cross design date back to the XII° century. Such a biker ring showcasing a templar cross is perfect to mix sterling silver and solid gold as this custom biker ring shows it.

The idea was to make a huge religious ring with templar crosses on the side of the ring, Christian crosses on the top and a large templar cross made of gold set on the top of the signet ring.

custom biker ring with a solid gold cross

 Cross biker ring design custom made

Here is the final result with the shank made of sterling silver and the cross made of 18k solid gold.

gold cross biker ring large biker ring with cross
cross biker ring for men large cross biker ring

6. Biker wedding ring

While bikers are mainly a men, the passion of motorcycles is still a little bit a women's business. In this occasion we had several times the oppotunity to make custom wedding ring with skulls and names for biker's couples. The ring design is made of a central skull with the names of both lovers engraved on each side of the ring.

biker wedding ring

The wedding ring showcase the skull with stones set in the orbits and the names of the lovers on each side

Such a ring can is customized with the names and can be made in silver or solid gold as shown in this exemples.

biker's wedding ring in solid gold sterling silver biker's wedding ring
18k gold wedding rings for biker customized biker's wedding rings
bikers wedding rings skull wedding ring with rubies

7. Women's biker ring

While most biker rings made for men are large or huge sometimes, some women require a thin biker band ring easy to wear with a small skull on top of it. We had the opportunity to make such a ring for a woman looking for such a unique lady's skull ring. women's biker ring in white gold

 Views of the 3D model of the women's biker ring showing a small skull ontop of a doble band ring

 The manufacture of such a ring follow the same steps as the ones described above. You can see here the result of this ring design made in white gold.

white gold biker ring for women women's biker ring
white gold biker skull ring for a woman biker's ring for women in white gold

8. More Biker Jewelry

While custom biker rings are the most common jewelry we had to make, we present here several projects of custom biker jewelry made in our workshop in the form of necklace, biker skull pendants, bracelet.

biker necklace with skulls wooden biker necklace
gold biker pendant white gold biker pendant for men
biker bracelet in silver men's biker bracelet
men's biker bracelet with solid gold skull solid gold biker bracelet

If you enjoyed this presentation of custom biker jewelry, let us know in the comments. Also, if you know about any interesting ressource about biker jewelry, share it with us in the comment section.


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April 19, 2019 — Nicolas Tranchant

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