Even if the engagement might be an important stage of life, it can be a real puzzle for the man concerning the choice of the right engagement ring he wants to offer his future wife. 

Buying an original ring, with a diamond while respecting the fixed budget can be a real challenge, especially when we are not accustomed to jewelers.

Will you choose the right ring style?

Will the ring suit her hand perfectly?

What kind of diamond to choose for the engagement ring?

You do not need to worry anymore.

To put in simply, we have created this little infographic that summarizes in 11 steps and visually how to make the choice of the engagement ring a happy time.

If you have any questions or if you find this infographic useful, feel free to share your feedback and comments to help those who will get engaged soon.

how to choose the right engagement ring that suit her hand


February 16, 2018 — Hugo Maherault

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