Gold masonic ring

Freemasonry has existed for centuries and uses symbols from its origins in the art of building.

This is how one finds almost systematically on the Masonic creations the compass and the square, the basic tools of the builders of the ancient time.

It should be noted that these symbols are also shared with the companions of duty.

It is therefore normal to see on most masonic rings these symbols reproduced in the form of engravings or moldings.

In the case of the project presented here, it is an 18 karat white-gold Freemason ring surmounted by a natural onyx stone receiving in its center the square and the 18-carat yellow gold compass.

gold mazonic ring

May 01, 2018 — Nicolas Tranchant
DIY beaded bracelet

DIY beaded bracelet

DIY bracelets are a quick and easy way to make your own jewelry.

As you surely have seen you already, you can find tons of good ideas online about beaded DIY bracelets.

Here we present you a new design for a DIY bracelet, a pink diamond beaded bracelet tutorial.

30 minutes will be required to complete this project.

diy diamond beaded bracelet

April 23, 2018 — Nicolas Tranchant
Tags: Bracelet
Lizard ring

Lizard ring

The salamander is a mythological animal, known in antiquity to live in the midst of flames.

This is certainly the case of our engraved ring of a salamander that took shape in a molten silver bath at more than 900 ° C.

This solid silver ring, represents a lizard on the top of the ring, engraved crossing through the ring.

This is a men's ring 10 mm wide and weighting 8 grams.

salamander ring silver

April 05, 2018 — Nicolas Tranchant
Tags: Ring

Gold opal ring

Opals are delicate gemstones.

By their mode of formation, they are highly hydrated and are sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. So you have to take care of it. This must be taken into account when choosing an opal for your jewel project.

There are different kinds of opals, noble opals and Mexican fire opals are the best known.

In this case, it is the manufacture of a yellow gold ring with a Mexican fire opal accompanied by a small brilliant diamond.
18k gold opal ring
March 12, 2018 — Nicolas Tranchant

How to choose an engagement ring (11 helpful tips)

Even if the engagement might be an important stage of life, it can be a real puzzle for the man concerning the choice of the right engagement ring he wants to offer his future wife. 

Buying an original ring, with a diamond while respecting the fixed budget can be a real challenge, especially when we are not accustomed to jewelers.

Will you choose the right ring style?

Will the ring suit her hand perfectly?

What kind of diamond to choose for the engagement ring?

You do not need to worry anymore.

To put in simply, we have created this little infographic that summarizes in 11 steps and visually how to make the choice of the engagement ring a happy time.

If you have any questions or if you find this infographic useful, feel free to share your feedback and comments to help those who will get engaged soon.

how to choose the right engagement ring that suit her hand


February 16, 2018 — Nicolas Tranchant

Custom signet ring

Finding the right signet ring design can be overwhelming if you are not satisfied with the mass-produced signet rings available online.

Choosing a bespoke signet ring is usually the solution, as you can choose absolutely all the parameters of your signet ring design.

If you are new in jewelry design, here are all the parameters you can choose from for such a project:

  • geometry and size of the plateau
  • the drawing engraved on the ring
  • design engraved or molded in 3D
  • engraving (or no) on the arms of the ring
  • polished or brushed
  • oxidized for silver (or not)
custom made silver signet ring with 3 colored stones custom made 18k gold signet ring with monogam and engraved cusom mode silver signet ring with lion


January 11, 2018 — Nicolas Tranchant

Gold child pendant

When you want to celebrate the family ties or the birth of newborns, the design of a pendant in the shape of one or more children is a classic.

In this case, it is a pendant representing two children in 18 karat gold.

The pendant is personalized by two gold letters with a specific font of the choice of the sponsor.

The latter is 25 millimeters from the height of the feet to the heads of children for a weight of 12 grams.

18k gold children pendant

January 09, 2018 — Nicolas Tranchant

Children pendant

Children pendants are the perfect gift when a new baby is on its way in the family,

This jewel in solid silver and zircon stones is our last achievement.

It is a personalized pendant for a customer wanting a pendant with silouhettes of children on the occasion of the arrival of twins in the family.

So we made this unique pendant, created according to his instructions without having to the designer ourselves.

It represents two children holding hands, the whole of its surface is set with 1mm zicons.

silver children pendant

January 09, 2018 — Nicolas Tranchant

Gold guitar pendant

For guitar lovers, a guitar-shaped pendant can be a great gift idea.

Although there are various sites offering guitar pendants whose reproduction is more or less faithful as here at Amazon, music lovers will love a faithful reproduction of a wooden guitar dry.

It is precisely this type of classical guitar that we had the opportunity to create in 18K yellow gold.

This is a tailor-made creation of gold guitar made according to the instructions of our client (see our custom creation service).

gold guitar pendant, 18k yellow gold

January 09, 2018 — Nicolas Tranchant

Silver tree of life pendant

This tree of life pendant was created on the occasion of a wedding.

The wedding is the highlight event par excellence to offer an original and personalized jewel.

This is the case of this pendant created on this occasion taking the design of a tree of life inscribed in the Chinese symbol of Yin and Yang.

The front has embossed first names surrounding a natural 1.39 carat emerald stone.

The back of the pendant: the tree of life that you see below.

sterling silver tree of life pendant

January 09, 2018 — Nicolas Tranchant