For the last 5 years, African jewelry is in fashion.

Driven by the appeal of ethnic art, new creations are emerging from patterns and colors of the black continent.

In this case, it is not a novelty since this design of African V-shaped ring is already well known, it is a classic.

By cons we will show you how is made this ring by hand.

African V ring

African ring in gold from the Vivalatina collection

The design

This African wedding ring is composed of two welded V connected by their ends.

Numerical modeling allows us to better understand the design of this ring seen from several angles.

African ring V design

View from 3 different angles of the ring

The computer tool also allows us to obtain a virtual rendering of the gold ring before manufacture.

African V ring design

This kind of visual rendering makes it possible to avoid any misunderstanding between the sponsor of the jewel and the jeweler before starting the manufacture of the jewel.

Manual manufacture of the ring with bench pin

The work begins with the rolling of an 18-karat yellow gold ingot into a plate of the desired thickness.

Gold ingot

Our ingot of gold after passing through the mill

This plate is then put to the length of the finger size of our client.

In this case, the size of the finger is 50, the plate of which should measure 50 millimeters in length + twice the thickness of the laminated gold plate in order to take them into account when shaping the ring. .

The geometry of our ring is then traced with a scribe on the gold plate.

gold ingot

Unrolled flat, our V ring takes the form of triangles juxtaposed

Our course is then cut off with a saw to obtain a V-shaped gold plate connected to each other.

African V shapes ring

African V-shaped ring


Our ring is then shaped on a triboulet, wrapped around the mandrel it takes its final form.

A simple weld allows to close it.

We thus observe its final shape before polishing.

African V ring

Our African V ring

The result is a thorough polishing to give it a golden glow.

African V-shaped ring

African V-shaped ring worn on finger

African V-shaped ring

Zoom on our ring, available here


Here is an overview of other jewelry on the theme of Africa manufactured in our jewelry workshop :

African pendant white African gold pendant


For further :

September 23, 2019 — Hugo Maherault


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