DIY beaded bracelet

DIY bracelets are a quick and easy way to make your own jewelry.

As you surely have seen you already, you can find tons of good ideas online about beaded DIY bracelets.

Here we present you a new design for a DIY bracelet, a pink diamond beaded bracelet tutorial.

30 minutes will be required to complete this project.

diy diamond beaded bracelet

Diamond beads silver bracelet handmade

Here is the list of materials you will need to follow the steps of this tutorial:

  • Rough diamond beads (pink in this tutorial but can be another color)
  • Silver chain (7 inches)
  • Silver wire gauge 30 (2/3 inches)
  • Silver beads
  • Silver clasps
  • A ruler
  • Cutting pliers
  • Round nose pliers
  • Flat jaws pliers

 The first step is to prepare all components for your project.

beads and parts for diy bracelet making

 Beads, wire, chain, and clasps used for this DIY making tutorial

 First, we need to cut two lengths (3,5 inches long each) of silver chain with the cutting pliers.

cutting silver chain for diy bracelet making

If you are not sure about the length needed, you can always take longer and cut it at the good length at the end of the tutorial.

The most "difficult" step of this project is to join the silver chain with the silver wire.

For that purpose, we use the round nose plier to make a loop with the silver wire.

making a loop with a silver wire

diy beaded bracelet making

loop on a silver wire for diy bracelet making

Then, we can join the chain and the wire.

joining the silver wire with the silver chain

Now we use the flat jaws plier to twist the silver wire around himself so to close the loop (2 turns are enough).

twisting silver wire to close the loop

 Then we use the cutting pliers to cut the remaining length of wire.

cutting silver wire

Cutting the silver wire after joining it to the silver chain

Then we set the diamond beads on the silver wire.

setting pink diamond beads on the silver wire of our DIY bracelet

pink diamond beads

After mounting the diamond beads, we mount the silver beads and make another loop with the silver wire.

closing the silver wire


silver wire loop for diy bracelet

diy bracelet making for women

Then we join once again the silver wire with the second silver chain we had cut at the first step.

joining the silver wire and the chain for bracelet making

We twist the silver wire (2 turns).

twisting the silver wire

And then cut the excess of silver wire with the cutting pliers.

cutting silver wire

Our bracelet is almost ready, still having to fix the clasps.

silver bracelet DIY with rough diamond beads

This is now when we can check the length of the bracelet and cut off some length if necessary.

Then, the silver ring of the clasp is inserted in the last mesh of one chain end. The ring is closed with the flat jaws pliers.

setting the clasp of the diy bracelet

Then we do the same with the clasp on the other silver chain end.

setting up the clasp of the bracelet

 Setting up the clasp of the bracelet

We finally get our bracelet finished.

diy beaded bracelet with rough diamond beads

view of the diamond beads of the diy bracelet

diy bracelet on the wirst

 View of the bracelet wore on the wrist, showing the pink rough diamond beads


April 23, 2018 — Nicolas Tranchant
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