Turquoise silver cross pendant

Cross-shaped pendants are usually of conventional designs.

We will make you discover in this article, the development of a personalized silver pendant with a real turquoise stone cut specifically for the need of this jewel.

cross silver pendant with natural turquoise stone

Cross pendant with natural turquoise stone, jewel made through our online custom made jewelery service

Realization of the silver cross

The beginning of our work begins with the sketch of the jewel that our client has given us.

This is an annotated image detailing the design, dimensions and shapes of the pendant.

turquoise cross pendant design

Drawing of the pendant to be made

This drawing served as a model for carving in wax, a replica identical to the image of the pendant.

wax carved cross pendant

Wax sculpture of the cross pendant

This sculpture is then used to make the replica in sterling silver.

To do this, a mold is made with the wax, a mold in which the molten silver is then poured.

The silver molded piece is then cleaned and polished, then the bail is made which will be welded to the pendant as well as around the turquoise stone.

silver cross pendant before setting the turquoise stoneSterling silver cross pendant in the process of manufacture

At this point, we now need to cut the turquoise stone to fit the dimensions required for our pendant.

Cutting of natural turquoise stone

For the realization of this project, we chose a real turquoise stone from Afghanistan.

Presenting a beautiful color and few veins, it corresponded to the choice of our client.

naturel turquoise stone

Natural Turquoise chosen for this pendant

Obviously it was necessary to resize this stone to give it the dimensions necessary for its assembly on the jewel.

cutting turquoise stone

Cutting of turquoise stone

In the end, we obtain a turquoise size with rough edges that will be shaped by polishing to fit perfectly into the setting provided for it on the pendant.

cutting natural turquoise stoneNatural Turquoise shaping and dimensions for our project

Once the turquoise set and polished pendant, we can admire the final result.

turquoise cross pendant

Silver cross pendant with turquoise seen from the front

turquoise silver cross pendant


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January 01, 2018 by nicolas tranchant
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