Manufacture of a real Indonesian bola of pregnancy in silver

Hundreds of future mothers take advantage each year of their maternity to buy and wear a pregnancy bola. This unique piece for pregnant women has positive effects for both the baby and the mother !

Bola is a jewel usually rounded shape that tinkles gently with the movements of the woman who wears it. The sound has soothing virtues to the extent that the baby will get used to the sound melody of the bell pregnancy. It is generally said that the baby hears the ringing as early as 4/5 months of pregnancy, and then until the end of the pregnancy.

For pregnant women, the jewel bola is an original and trendy accessory that symbolizes motherhood, but it's also a pretty jewel that will bring a particular touch to your wardrobe ...

According to sources, the bola pendant is made in Mexico, Thailand, China ... but the real origin is Indonesia and more precisely Bali. Made by craftsmen respecting the tradition, the realization of a jumper bola pregnancy respects certain unavoidable steps.

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Bell manufacture

At first, it is the sound bell that is made from a sheet of copper/brass. The craftsman after a meticulous work, is able to form a spherical ball (called bell) inside which are slipped tiny balls that will cause the tingling.

The copper/brass is hammered, heated to ultimately create a perfect shape on which will be wrapped the hull of the jewel.

cutting bell bola

cutting bell bola

Bola silver finish

The decorative shell of the necklace bola can be according to manufacture, made from 925 silver, 825 silver, copper or bronze, sometimes even with 22-karat gold.

The outer shell is worked in detail and will give the personality of the jewel with various decorations : flowers patterns, lines, small circles, heart shape...

The shell of the pregnancy pendant can incorporate semi precious stones, colored crystals (Swarovski or other) and even a mixture of silver and colored resin to personalize the jewel.

welding bell bola

welding bell bola

Some pregnancy bolas are totally closed and the sound bell is not visible, while other so-called "cage" bolas have a clasp and the inner bell is visible.

The jewel is your choice and according to the expectations of the pregnant woman worn with a cotton cord, leather or silver/gold chain depending on the model.

The truly handmade bola is made in Indonesia from 925 silver (nickel free) for example on this shop (fr) which offers a wide variety of maternity jewelry.

bell for bola

Before buying a jewel for the future mother, it's important to check the provenance (Indonesia), the manufacture methods (crafts), the materials used (silver 925, 22-karat gold plated) and of course the quality of finish as well than the originality of the model.

It is also preferable to order a "bulan bola" on a specialized store and present for many years, rather than an ephemeral shop that won't bring the same service quality.

bola jewel finish

For future dads, parents, friends ... know that the Indonesian bola is a gift idea that will always please the future mother, especially in early maternity when we love to be pampered, surrounded ...

bola pregnancy

Here are some examples of custom pendants (fr) made in our jewelry workshop :

kids gold pendant silver birds pendant heart gold pendant
gold chakana cross pendant gold bird pendant silver pendant with stones


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