Rings and mens rings in 24k gold

Yellow gold is the most desired of the precious metal in jewelry, because of the heat of its glare, it has no equal.

Most family rings or signet rings are in 18-karat gold, but it is normal for exceptional jewels or signet rings that will remain for generations in the family to want a gold of the highest purity, of 24 karats.

Precision, 24-karat gold is necessarily yellow since it is not mixed with any other metal likely to change its color.

So there is no chance to find 24 karats white gold, pink or black gold. The only way to change 24k gold color if plating it with white or black rhodium. Get more information about the different colors of 18k gold reading this article.

24k gold nugget for jewelry making and mens ring creation

24 karats gold nugget, check the color so characteristic of pure gold

24k gold ring for men with black diamond

24k gold ring with a black diamond set flush, from our collection

Here are some examples of men's signet ring from our vivalatina's collection.

 chevaliere homme en or massif chevaliere homme or diamants chevaliere or tanzanite

Defining pure gold and how to obtain 24k gold

Pure gold is an ideal theoretical gold.

It is also called fine gold or 24 karats gold. For the definition of gold karat, I refer you to this article on the subject.

Gold is usually mined mixed with other metals, so to obtain pure gold, rough godl nuggets are refined through an industrial process.

chevaliere en or jaune pur 24k

Miller's industrial process is the most widely used and it allows to obtain a 99.5% pure gold or a 23.88 karat gold.

Another process known as Wohwill since was set up in Canada, the latter allows to obtain a 99.999% pure gold (also called gold 5-9).

Legally in France, the pure gold title is given to bullion whose purity is at least 99.5% which is 23,88 karat once converted in karat purity grade.

Pure gold in jewelry

Pure gold is little used in jewelry for the manufacture of conventional jewelry.

Moreover, you will see that we do not find jewelry, rings, and chains in 24 karat gold in the trade for the reasons that we will detail below.

Jewelers produce pure gold when they refine gold from production waste.

recyclage or en or 24 carats

Used gold bound to be refined, it comes in different colors and gold purity

Collecting gold for 10k, 14k or 18k, in different colors, it is advisable to reuse this gold to refine it to obtain a single pure gold ingot which can then be reused as needed to produce gold. 14k gold, 18k or 22k to choose.

Drawbacks of 24k gold for rings making

So why do not we find 24ct gold jewelry on sale in jewelers?

It's very simple, pure gold is capricious.


Although its reflections are seductive, it is extremely difficult to polish. While pure raw gold has a particularly bright reflection naturally, it is very difficult to get a good polishing of a ring or other jewel in 24-carat gold.

And if that were not enough, 24-karat gold is very malleable.


And so it folds and breaks easily for small sections of gold wire.

As a result, most of the fine and delicate designs of modern women's rings would not stand up to the abuse (bumps, scratches, and snags) that a classic ring experiences.

Only designs of simple rings or signet rings, massive, without fine parts or claws can bear to be made in 24 karat gold.

bague or 24k tordue

Thin gold ring damaged

bague en or pur 24 carats pour homme

Example of a 24 karat gold ring, you will notice the simple, massive design and the thick body to overcome the ductility of pure gold

Here you will find our models of solid gold signet rings, some of which are available in 20 and 22 karat gold.

24-carat gold rings are subject to a lot of distortion over time and even the opinion of people with such rings (available here), 22-karat gold is a more durable choice than 24-carat gold.

Another notable incoherence, due to its fragility, many jewelers will refuse to repair your ring in pure gold, for fear of breaking the ring instead of repairing it.

 chevaliere or onyx pour homme chevaliere fleur de lys or jaune chevaliere aigle en or

Custom ring designs

As you can see, 24-karat gold imposes certain constraints on your ring or signet projects.

On the one hand, you will have to turn to a custom-made service for your project because there is very little (or no) offer on the market.

And it will adapt the design of the ring and the care provided to the jewel when you wear it.

Alternatives to 24k gold

To circumvent these constraints, it is always possible to make a choice of 20k or 22k gold ring.

These gold alloys offer a higher gold content than the classic 18 karats but do not worry about polishing, as you can see with this 22 karat gold pendant.

bijou pendentif or 22k

Of course, 20k gold and 22k remain more malleable than 18k gold but offer because of their greater strength more freedom of design for the making of a ring than 24 karat gold.


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