Yellow diamond

Although yellow diamond is less used in jewelry than pink diamonds (fr) or blue diamonds (fr), they are however much more present in nature than the latter.

Yellow diamond is indeed the most common of all colored diamonds. It owes its hue to the presence of nitrogen atoms in its crystalline structure.

yellow diamond raw

August 07, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

A G VS2 diamond of 0.25 carat

The observation of diamonds is often difficult, which requires having the right knowledge and the eye to detect defects.

This is even more difficult when we observe diamonds online, because the photos often make bad the brilliance of the diamond and these defects. In addition, the shooting of diamonds is something complex.

We present here a diamond G color and quality VS2 photographed with special equipment to obtain very high resolution photos reflecting the quality of this diamond GVS2.

gvs2 diamond

August 06, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

Authenticity certificate of diamond

The authenticity certificate of diamond is an official document issued by an independent laboratory that guarantees the quality of the diamond you plan to buy.

The certificate is issued by an independent body of your diamond dealer. It guarantees the characteristics of the diamond that is presented to you, which characteristics justify the price of the diamond.

authenticity certificate diamonds

August 06, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

Diamond cuts and shapes

The physicochemical composition of the diamond makes it possesses particular optical properties, which with its hardness have helped to make it an exceptional precious stone and certainly the most coveted until today.

Possessing a high index of refraction and a strong dispersive power, the diamond sharply diverts the light penetrating it and disperses this light in a rainbow of color as do drops of water to produce the rainbows in the sky.

diamond cut

August 06, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

Diamond quality : 4Cs simply explained

Anyone looking to buy a beautiful diamond or a jewel set with diamonds of respectable size (0.2 carat) must understand the quality scale applied to diamond in order to classify and estimate their value.

The 4Cs of Diamond for Carat (weight), Color, Clarity (purity) and Cut is an international classification rule valid for all white diamonds.

All jewelers, diamond dealers and gemologists refer to it to understand each other when comparing the quality and price of diamonds.

And so, it's your turn to understand the 4Cs of diamond to choose the best your diamonds.

quality criterion diamonds

August 05, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

How to choose a women's engagement ring ?

Engagement may be an important step in life, but it can be a real headache for the fiance.

Choosing THE right engagement ring you want to offer to your future wife isn't an easy task.

The issues to be faced are many :

  • what style and ring design ?
  • what's her finger size ?
  • which stone to choose ? diamond or gemstone ?
  • how to choose a diamond ?
  • which metal will fit for the ring ?
  • will my budget be enough ?

engagement ring with diamonds

August 02, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

What is the price of an engagement ring ?

When, in a couple, the fiance decides to make his proposal, he usually does so by presenting the engagement ring to his consort.

If the moment is chosen by the fiance to surprise his better half, it took him generally several months of preparations to get the right ring and prepare "the surprise".

The price issue of the engagement ring is of course paramount, since it's the budget of this one that will enable to make the purchase of the ring, then make the leap.

engagement ring with diamonds

July 31, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

How to choose a diamond ?

We all know the diamond and very often hear about it in media, but when comes time to buy a diamond, novice is inevitably lost among the infinite combinations of possible color, size, purity and prices.

So how to choose a diamond ?

This step-by-step guide, aims to help you make your diamond choice relatively easy and within the limits of your budget.

You will get the best diamond for the price you've set.

How to choose a diamond

July 30, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

Topaz stone

Blue topaz is the most popular topaz variety and is one of the most coveted gemstones to be ring mounted.

But did you know it ?

The topaz blue color is most often obtained by treatment.

Blue topazes are distinguished by three distinct shades of blue : London blue, Swiss blue and Blue sky, which you can observe comparatively in the following picture.

Blue topaz stones

July 26, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

Jewelry workshop

Vivalatina is a jewelry workshop to create from an idea or a sketch, a finished jewel in precious metals and gemstones.

Although sometimes jewelers are particularly confined to metalworking (silver, gold and platinum) while other jewelers are involved in the development of fine and precious stones, the two professions are closely complementary.

As shown in this example below, this pendant shows an interweaving of hand carving work, digital modeling and cast and size of gemstones.

Egyptian cross of life with silver cobra snake and stones

July 25, 2019 — Hugo Maherault
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Creation of gold rings with blue topaz stone

Blue topaz stone is the best known of the many variants of topaz.

This stone can indeed take colors ranging from orange to pink through purple; as explained in this complete article on topaz stone (fr).

Topaz is particularly popular in making engagement rings. To break with the classic and expensive diamond so difficult to choose, the topaz stone can offer a very reasonable price for a large stone color pleasing to the eye, original which is as good with the yellow gold as white gold.

We will detail the manufacture of different designs of gold rings with blue topaz crafted in our own jewelry workshop.

gold ring 18k with blue topaz stone and amethyst stones

July 24, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

Custom silver brooch

The silver brooches were a very fashionable jewel at the beginning and half of the 20th century.

The fibula, his ancestor, was used in antiquity.

Although we have known the pinnacle of the pin in the 90s, the pins are not too fashionable nowadays, while great jewelers express their talent and know-how by creating exceptional brooches like those of Chaumet.

The brooch presented here is a custom creation of a solid silver kangaroo brooch with a 2 mm peridot stone to represent the eye.

Custom silver brooch


July 23, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

Lapis lazuli jewelry

Lapis lazuli stone has been exploited for making objects, amulets, and jewels for thousands of years.

She was particularly appreciated by Egyptians who considered it a precious stone.

Timeless stone, it is still used in the fields of jewelry, jewelry, and watchmaking in our time.

Discover here some of our achievements of lapis lazuli jewelry, made in our workshop, custom orders highlighting the lapis lazuli rock.

This type of lapis lazuli stone jewelry is available for sale through our tailor-made creation service.

lapis lazuli pendant lapis lazuli jewelry pendant in silver jewelry with lapis lazuli carving
May 14, 2019 — Nicolas Tranchant

Lapis lazuli ring creation

Lapis lazuli stone has been sought after to adorn princely rings and jewelry for thousands of years.

Its natural deep blue color has seduced men and women over the ages.

Used for over 7000 years by man, it is not surprising that it is still used to adorn jewelry.

The lapis lazuli stone is characterized by the sometimes presence of splinters of yellow pyrite which gives the impression of a milky way of gold flakes of the most beautiful effect.

Here are some lapis lazuli ring projects we made in our jewelry workshop.

lapis lazuli mens ring in silver lapis lazuli gold ring and diamond lapis lazuli engagement ring in silver
May 13, 2019 — Nicolas Tranchant

Men's eagle ring creation

The eagle is a mythological animal, used since the time of the Egyptians to symbolize the power of the gods or mysticism.

Chosen by the Romans, the Byzantines, Napoleon, the Russians empire or even the Nazis as an emblem to symbolize the power of their empire, the eagle, like the lion, is used in heraldry for family seals.

Even today, the eagle is used by the USA, Poland, and Mexico as an emblem of their nation.

Here you will find a detailed explanation of the symbolism of the heraldic eagle.

The men signet rings presented here are custom made in gold or silver for our clients following their requirement. Their creation is being described hereafter.

You can discover more about our custom made ring service here.

white gold eagle ring for men eagle gold signet ring with diamonds sterling silver eagle ring
May 08, 2019 — Nicolas Tranchant

Custom military ring for men

If there is an institution that uses badges, it is the Army.

The next project is the reproduction of a badge of the 8 ° BPC (Colonial Parachute Battalion) on a ring-type ring.

It takes the insignia of this unit mounted on an oval plate 21 by 18 millimeters, which is large enough to fully represent all the details of this military parachutist insignia.

This is a large signet ring, not by the ring size here of 63, but by the size of the tray much larger than usual.

silver military ring custom made

May 03, 2019 — Nicolas Tranchant

Gold coin ring custom made

The making of a ring with a coin is a piece of classic jewelry.

Whatever the time or the country, there are relics or ancient gold or silver coin mounted on rings.

These coins can be mounted or crimped or be bent in order to partially compose the ring body.

Still today in France, many people custom made rings with gold coins called Louis d'or, or Napoléon coins that have historical value as well as pecuniary. While in the US, people are looking for eagle or Mexican gold coin to be mounted on a ring.

gold coin ring for men

May 03, 2019 — Nicolas Tranchant

Big rings for men

For men with big hands and therefore a large finger size, it is often difficult to find online or in jewelry stands, rings or signet rings adapted to their measurement.

We generally speak about large size finger or plus size ring for size US 12 or bigger, which correspond to a European size of EEC 68.

It is, therefore, necessary for some customers to use our service to get a custom made ring that fits their finger size.

If you are unsure about your own finger size, this article will show you how to measure your ring size.

If you're not sure which finger will wear your ring, this article will help you find our the best finger that suits you to wear your signet ring.

Over time, we had the opportunity to make several personalized signet rings for sizes of EEC 70, 72, 74 and 82 which range from US 13 to US 16.

big size ring mandrels for large size ring making

May 02, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

Monogram & initial signet ring creation

The engraving of his initials is a common and practical operation to personalize his signet ring.

These are the men who by far prefer the initial signs engraved with two or three letters on the board. This engraving can be done hollow or embossed on silver or gold.

When to make a gift, you are looking for a custom signet design different from the models of signet ring for men that we propose in our collection, the making of an engraved signet ring personalizes the jewel by making it unique.

Associated with the choice of the design of the signet ring and the decoration of the amounts of the ring, anyone can design his own signet ring of a unique style, as you can see through our articles presented at the end of this article.

monogram silver ring initial gold signet ring men's silver ring with 18k gold monogram
May 01, 2019 — Nicolas Tranchant
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Engraved signet rings

The style and type of engraving is what makes one's signet ring's soul.

Most often, signet rings are made of a classic shaped ring (round, square, oval...) with a flat engraved top.

But it is possible to be much more creative if you aim for a custom signet ring design.

Here, we will make you discover the different types of engraving that can be done in our workshop on a signet ring, both on the central plateau and on the sides of the ring, in silver or 18k gold.

deep engraved initials on gold signet ring crest engraving on gold signet ring wax seal made from engraved signet ring
templar seal signet ring wax seal of templar knights portugal crest 18k gold signet ring
April 30, 2019 — Nicolas Tranchant
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Rings and mens rings in 24k gold

Yellow gold is the most desired of the precious metal in jewelry, because of the heat of its glare, it has no equal.

Most family rings or signet rings are in 18-karat gold, but it is normal for exceptional jewels or signet rings that will remain for generations in the family to want a gold of the highest purity, of 24 karats.

Precision, 24-karat gold is necessarily yellow since it is not mixed with any other metal likely to change its color.

So there is no chance to find 24 karats white gold, pink or black gold. The only way to change 24k gold color if plating it with white or black rhodium.

24k gold nugget for jewelry making and mens ring creation

April 24, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

Custom mens biker ring

Biker clubs always have their emblem, worn as well on their leather jacket, tattooed on the body or worn proudly on a jewel.

In this case, this is a silver biker ring that receives the logo of the club, the sponsor belonging to a motorcycle club.

Their emblem depicts a custom pirate style skull with crossbones and a pirate headband on one of the skull's orbits.

biker logo for skull ring design

April 19, 2019 — Nicolas Tranchant

Mens celtic ring with triskele

Celtic rings have Celtic symbols, whether triskele or Celtic knots as found in the stone of many monuments scattered in Europe.

The ring we present here is a silver men's signet ring with a solid yellow gold triskele on the tray and gold lily flowers on the upright.

mens celtic ring with gold triskele

April 16, 2019 — Nicolas Tranchant

Mens black onyx rings

Onyx stone is a fine stone that is neither rare nor precious, yet onyx is the most popular stone for making men's signet rings.

Much more than the signet rings with amethyst stone or turquoise.

As you certainly know, signet rings are the type of men's favorite ring. From a massive historical heritage, they give volume allowing all forms of customization possible.

We present here various achievements of men's signet rings adorned with a natural onyx stone.

intaglio onyx cross silver ring gold and diamond ring with black onyx stone
April 16, 2019 — Nicolas Tranchant

Mens tanzanite ring creation

Tanzanite stone, although not listed as a precious stone, is a mesmerizing stone, not only because of its recent discovery by casualty but also because of its deep blue reflections.

Our client chose yellow gold for his Tanzanite ring.

mens yellow gold tanzanite ring

April 12, 2019 — Nicolas Tranchant