24k Pure Gold Hoop Earring

24k Pure Gold Hoop Earring


A 24-karat gold hoop earring, this men's earring is delivered individually.

A simple and sober hoop earring, this is an articulated men's earring of a rectangular section in pure gold. This loop is made of a rectangular section 3 millimeters wide by 1.8 millimeters thick and is not hollowed out to provide maximum resistance when handling your earring ( as pure gold is less hard than 18k gold).

The buckle is articulated in the middle by a hinge and is attached by the upper rod which is clipped into the other half of the buckle, this system being one of the most classic.

Important note: the stem for attaching the earring to your ear is made of 18-karat gold in order to be strong enough not to bend (in 24-karat gold this stem bends too easily).

The sleek and sober design of this earring is intended for a man looking for a pure gold earring, the design of which can be personalized by choosing the diameter of the earring, which can be:

  • 10 mm, the buckle is 10 millimeters in diameter and 3 millimeters wide for a weight of 2.2 grams of 24-carat gold
  • 13 mm, the buckle is 13 millimeters in diameter and 3 millimeters wide for a weight of 3,7 grams of 24-carat gold
  • 16 mm, the buckle is 16 millimeters in diameter and 3 millimeters wide for a weight of 4.5 grams of 24-carat gold

This hoop earring is ordered individually, you will therefore need to order two if you wish to receive the pair.

This solid pure gold ring is only available on this page in 24k yellow gold which is pure gold. There is no possibility to make this ring in 24k white gold.

Who is this earring for?

This ring will make happy any man looking for a pure gold hoop earring easy to use and to personalize to his size choice.

Shipping fees

For the delivery of your earring, you have the choice between two options:

  • economical delivery, with a 14-day lead time through a tracked parcel, the cost to the US: $10
  • UPS delivery with a lead time of 3/6 days also via tracked parcel, the cost to the US: $50

Handcrafted Jewelry

Our jewelry workshop is not manufactured in series or stock, your earring will be manufactured in our workshop following your order.

Please take into account 5 weeks for the manufacture of the latter in our workshop before shipping your package.

We master every step of the way, from CAD modeling, 3D printing, lost wax casting, and precious metal ankle work, to the setting of fine stones and diamonds. guarantee the quality of our jewelry.

You can also choose to customize your ring, for that, you just have to contact us via our online form.


For any specific request for the manufacture of tailor-made earrings, we invite you to contact us via this online form, to study and cost your project.

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