Eye of Horus Diamond Pendant

Eye of Horus Diamond Pendant


Eye of Horus diamond pendant necklace in 18-karat gold.

This diamond pendant represents the Eye of Horus symbol from Egyptian civilization. This pendant is made of solid gold and is set with small diamonds with a blue sapphire stone in the middle of the eye of Horus.

This design from our workshop is unique and is made in our jewelry workshop, you can see pictures of this pendant while we work on it to set the small diamonds on the pendant.

Eye of Horus symbol & meaning:

The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol representing the left Eye of the Divinity Horus who lost his eye fighting his uncle Set. Later his eye was healed by Thoth, another Egyptian divinity. For this reason, the Eye of Horus symbolizes well-being, healing, and protection and was commonly used as a protective amulet in ancient Egypt. It has been the most commonly used amulet for almost 2000 years from the Old Kingdom to the Roman period.

The design of this Eye of Horus diamond pendant is 26 millimeters large (almost 1 inch) 20 millimeters high for the eye alone and 29 millimeters high with the bail for 5,5 grams of 18k gold.

The pendant is decorated with 71 small white diamonds of 1.2 mm with a total diamond weight of 0,42 carat.

In the middle of the eye, the central stone is a blue sapphire that is 3,5 millimeters in diameter.

Finally, the pendant is attached to a gold chain with a large bail that allows you to use a small a medium-sized gold chain. 

In the case of this pendant, you have the choice to order your diamond pendant alone without any chain or with a Rolo gold chain that is 2 millimeters large and 45 centimeters long (18 inches) with a gold weight of 3,9 grams for the Rolo chain alone.

Who is this pendant for?

This pendant is perfect for a person who loves ancient Egyptian jewelry and symbols and who is looking for a unique Eye of Horus diamond necklace. She will appreciate the mix of solid gold and white diamonds with the blue sapphire at the center of the eye. She will be able to mix her diamond pendant with other Egyptian jewelry that she already wears.

Shipping fees

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      Handcrafted Jewelry

      Our artisanal jewelry workshop does not mass produce, nor have any stock, so your ankh pendant necklace will be manufactured in our workshop after receiving your order.

      Please take into account a manufacturing lead time of 6 weeks for the manufacture of the latter in our workshop before shipping your package.

      We master every step of the making process of your jewelry, from CAD modeling, 3D printing, lost wax casting, and precious metal handiwork, to the setting of gemstones and diamonds, which allows us to guarantee the quality of our jewelry.

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      How to choose your pendant

      Conventional pendant size is set between one and two inches. As a tip, your pendant should not weigh more than 4/5 times the weight of your chain.

      If you want to discover more pendant makings and creations made in our workshop, we invite you to have a look at our blog about personalized pendants.

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