Gold bullet pendant



Pendant in the shape of a 9 mm LUGER-type bullet in 18 karat gold.

The design faithfully reproduces the measurements of the original bullet: with a shirt 9 millimeters in diameter by 19 millimeters in length and a bail supporting the sleeve at the level of the primer.

The bullet head resumes the design of an armored warhead, made of 18 karat pink gold, while the case is in 18 karat yellow gold, giving a striking appearance of realism to this pendant.

The total length of the ball is 29 millimeters, and the pendant is 28 millimeters in all with the bail.

With a total weight of about 12 grams as the original 9 mm Luger ammunition. The pendant is solid gold but is hollow to achieve this goal of weight.

This model is manufactured on request, we need a period of 4 weeks for its manufacture following your purchase before shipping.

UPS express delivery is offered at the time of purchase.

If you want a variant of this model or another type of gold bullet, please contact us via this link.