Large Ankh Cross Pendant in Wood and Silver

Large Ankh Pendant


Large Egyptian Ankh pendant made in wood and silver.

This is a unique design of the well-known Ankh cross that appeared thousands of years ago with the Egyptian civilization and is still used nowadays. This pendant is made of a wooden ankh embraced by a sterling silver cobra snake which is typical of the Egyptian culture.

The cobra is set with two carnelian stones cut in cabochon and supports a Maat feather made of green venturine stone.

On the left arm of the Ankh cross, you can see an Eye of Horus made of 18k yellow gold inserted in the wood. On the right side of the Ankh, a scarab has been carved in lapis lazuli stone.

This huge ankh cross pendant shows a lot of the most important symbols of Egyptian spirituality, all of them had an important meaning in the organization of life and the afterlife of the Egyptian population and pharaohs.

This pendant is 80 millimeters high with the silver bail and 38 millimeters large. This is a unique piece of jewelry made on demand as every part of this wooden ankh pendant is handcrafted in our jewelry workshop, from the making of the wooden ankh from precious wood to the carving of the scarab or the maat feather. 

The Ankh symbol:

Also known as the key of life or key of the Nile, it is a representation of Eternal life in ancient Egypt. Its origin is still unclear and it is one of the most ancient symbols of humanity, more than 5000 years old, that is still widely known and used as a symbol, jewelry, or amulet nowadays.

Scarab symbolism and meaning:

In ancient Egypt, the scarab was a symbolic representation of the god Kehpri, responsible for the sun rising every morning. Because Kehpri was believed to roll the sun across the sky, just like scarabs roll their ball of dunk to lay their eggs and give life. For this reason, the scarab was the symbol of the eternal cycle of life: birth, life, death, and resurrection. 

Eye of Horus symbol & meaning:

The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol representing the left Eye of the Divinity Horus who lost his eye fighting his uncle Set. Later his eye was healed by Thoth, another Egyptian divinity. For this reason, the Eye of Horus symbolizes well-being, healing, and protection and was commonly used as a protective amulet in ancient Egypt

Cobra symbol & meaning:

Wadjet is a cobra goddess from ancient Egypt and was a powerful protective deity, protecting the kings and women in childbirth. Wadjet was said to be the nurse of the infant god Horus.

Maat symbol & meaning:

Maat is an Egyptian deity symbol of truth, justice, and cosmic harmony. She is well known for the feather of Maat which is an ostrich feather used to weigh the weight of the souls of the dead on their way to the afterlife.

This pendant represent in one huge pendant 5 important Egyptian symbols representing ancient deities with protective powers, that can be worn as an amulet.

Who is this pendant for?

This pendant is made for a lover of ancient Egypt spiritulity and well aware of egyptian mythology and symnbols. This person knows a lot about Egyptian history and is looking for a unique ankh pendant that he will find nowehre else.

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