Large 18k Gold Lion Head Pendant

Large Gold Lion Head Pendant


Large gold lion head pendant in 18k solid gold and fine stones.

This lion pendant is not only large, but it might be the largest you will find online. The total weight of the pendant is 100 grams of 18k gold.

This impressive lion head pendant is inspired by Egyptian jewelry and shows a roaring lion's head with its mane in the middle of a large solid gold disc. The eyes of the lion are set with red garnet oval stones and three cabochon stones are bezel set around the lion's head.

At three stones are 6 millimeters large cabochon stones with bezel setting:

  • At the top, a red garnet stone
  • At the left a white quartz stone
  • At the right is a black prophecy stone, which is a hematite stone agglomerated with other minerals and used for centuries to help to have visions and is used for meditation and spiritual purpose

This pendant is 60 millimeters in diameter and is hollow on the back to keep the weight at just 100 grams of solid gold. The back of the pendant is decorated with an openwork frame all of 18k gold also, as you can see in the pictures.

Lion Symbolism:

Since ancient Egypt, the lion has been a symbol of power and royalty, associated with the sun and the pharaohs. This symbolism spread in Europe through the Greek culture and influenced European kingdoms and nobility centuries after the fall of the Egyptian civilization. The lion has been the symbol of princes and kings for centuries in Europe even though none of them had the chance to see one. The lion has since been one of the four most important heraldic symbols for the representation of the coat of arms of noble families.

This huge gold pendant is a masterpiece that can be finished all around the lion with polished or brushed gold depending on your preferences. 

Who is this pendant for?

This pendant is for someone looking for a big lion's head pendant and a heavy gold pendant with a spiritual signification. He will appreciate the realistic details of the roaring lion inspired as a symbol of power since ancient Egypt.

Shipping fees

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Handcrafted Jewelry

Our artisanal jewelry workshop does not mass produce, nor have any stock, so your pendant will be manufactured in our workshop after receiving your order.

Please take into account a manufacturing lead time of 8 weeks for the manufacture of the latter in our workshop before shipping your package.

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How to choose your pendant

Conventional pendant size is set between one and two inches. As a tip, your pendant should not weigh more than 4/5 times the weight of your chain.

If you want to discover more pendant makings and creations made in our workshop, we invite you to have a look at our blog about personalized pendants.

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