African map pendant in gold



African map pendant in 18 carat gold.

This pendant takes the contours of the African continent carved into a plate of 18-carat gold laminated 0.9 millimeters.

The pendant is 21 millimeters in height without the bail and 19 millimeters in width for a weight of 2.5 grams.

As you can see, this pendant is embellished with a small black diamond 1.5 millimeter in diameter set closed at the Senegal.

This is not a fixed position for the diamond but a choice of investment option of the diamond depending on the country of Africa of your choice.

We wanted for this integrated pendant a strong symbol of the black continent, and to do this, what better than a black diamond, knowing that Africa is the main producer of natural diamonds in the world.

Of course, the process of supplying our diamonds respects the Kimberley process, thus ensuring that the black diamond set comes from a chain not financing an armed movement in Africa.

Indeed, it is not yet another pendant chain made by a machine but a customizable africa pendant according to your wish.

Since most people who want this pendant have very specific African origins, we can crimp the diamond to the location of the country of their choice, just let us know as part of the comments during the purchase phase of the pendant.

The latter is available in 18 carat white or yellow gold.

Who is this pendant designed for?

For anyone with origins in Africa and living far from home, or having African family roots and wanting to remember their origins.

Shipping fees

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Handcrafted Jewelry

Our jewelery workshop is not manufactured in series or stock, your pendant will be manufactured in our own workshop following your order.

Please take into account a period of 4 weeks for the manufacture of the latter in our workshop before shipping your package.

We master every step of the way, from CAD modeling, 3D printing, lost wax casting, precious metal ankle work, to the setting of fine stones and diamonds. guarantee the quality of our jewelry.

You can also choose to customize your pendant, for that you just have to contact us via our online form.

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