Ouroboros gold ring


Ouroboros ring in solid gold.

It is about a ring repeating the thousand-year-old representation of Ouroboros: a snake biting its tail.

Orobouros is an ancient symbol dating from the Egyptians and found on some tombs of Pharaoh. It was subsequently spread in Europe by Greek and Roman cultures.

It symbolizes the birth and the end of the world, the alternation of the cycle of life and death and is subject to many interpretations according to epochs and cultures.

The modern design of this ring features a snake head detailed by its eyes, the shapes of the skulls and the nasal fossae.

The whole of the ring is in an angular form on the outside part and very rounded in the interior part.

With a width of 6 mm at the head, the ring is 3 mm wide on the ring body for a weight of about 4 grams in size US7.

It is available in 18K yellow, white and pink gold.

The ring is made handcrafted in our workshop following your order, allow a period of 4 weeks for the realization following your payment.

Express UPS delivery is included.