Huguenot cross in gold



Pendant Huguenot cross in 18 karat gold with diamonds.

This pendant takes the shape of the original Huguenot cross, a Protestant symbol, dating from the end of the 17th century, a symbol of non-subjugation to the royal and religious power of the time.

One finds there the Maltese cross with the 4 flowers of lily between the branches of the cross and the dove underneath, wings spread, symbolizing the holy spirit.

For the design of this gold cross, you will notice the Maltese cross which is hollowed out to mark its contours. This cross is buttoned, decorated with 8 small diamonds of 1.1 mm GVS quality set with a mass that enhances the ends of the cross with a burst of light.

You will notice the fleurs-de-lis which are not just cut out of the metal but are moulded with the detail of each petal.

Finally, the dove is attached to the cross by a ring, allowing it to move independently of the cross.

This cross is 22 millimetres wide by 28 millimetres high without the bélière and 34 millimetres high with the bélière for a weight of about 2.5 grams in 18-carat gold, which is light considering the dimensions of the pendant.

The general thickness of the cross on its contours is 1 millimetre, which explains the greater weight of this jewel compared to other Huguenot gold crosses that you can find elsewhere on online stores selling generic products.

This pendant is massive and durable, it will accompany you all your life and can be passed on to the next generations.

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Attention, only the pendant is sold and delivered without chain. You can discover this fine chain in 18 carat gold which will be suitable to wear your pendant.

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