Men's Gold Snake Ring with Red Garnet Stone

Men's Gold Snake Ring


Big snake ring for men in solid 18k gold with red garnet stone.

This ring represents a double-headed snake enrolled around a large red garnet stone. The garnet stone is a cabochon that is 12x10 millimeters in size. You will notice in the picture the deep red color of the stone. The design of this large snake ring is inspired by ancient Egyptian snake rings found in tombs, as the snake was a symbol of Royalty and power during ancient Egypt, and the jewelry of the dead was buried with the mommy.

The details of the snake are represented with the eyes and the mouth of the snake engraved. Also, the whole body of the snake the scales of the skin molded in relief giving a realistic effect of living snakes on your finger. 

The shank of the ring is made by the body of the two snakes, which makes this ring very large and preferable for a man.

Egyptian symbolism of the Snake:

The figure of the snake had a central role in the Egyptian mythology. As ancient Egypt was full of cobras and other poisonous snakes, this fact influenced the vision Egyptians had of their world and deities:

  • Apep was a giant snake of the underworld, also known as Apophis, he was the Lord of the chaos and the greatest enemy of Ra
  • Nehebkau was the primordial snake god linked to the underworld, he was later considered a powerful and protective deity and used as an amulet to bring protection
  • Wadjet is another cobra deity protector of kings and of women in childbirth which converted in the symbol of the power of pharaohs Uraeus: in the form of a upright cobra with the sun disc shown on the crown of pharaohs.

This ring is a representation of the Nehebkau snake deity, with two heads as it was represented in the mythology of ancient Egypt. In size US 12, the ring is 26 millimeters long (1 inch) and the shank made by the two snakes is 10 millimeters large for a total weight of 25 grams of 18-karat gold. Note that the weight of the ring will vary depending on your finger size.

This ring is a masterpiece, huge and imponent, heavy, it is the perfect combination of 18k yellow gold with deep red garnet stone. 

Who is this ring for?

This ring is made for a person passionate about the figure of the snake, in particular about Egyptian snake deities. She will appreciate the details and the massive size of the ring combined with de color of solid gold and the natural garnet stone.

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