Ancient roman ring



Antique Roman ring in 18 carat gold.

This men's ring is a faithful reproduction of a true Roman ring from the Legio VI Victrix, which means the Sixth Legion victorious.

The original ring belonged to a Roman soldier of this legion.

It is made of a rectangular tray with rounded edges of 15 by 8 millimeters cut out under the plate.

The ring body is marked with 8 notches on each side.

Of course, if the reproduction is faithful, the ring manufactured is free of the shocks and quality defects of the metal of the time, as you can see in the picture showing the original antique ring that served as a model.

This Roman signet for men will delight anyone who is looking for a historic ring.

The weight of the ring is approximately 5.5 grams in size US 9.

This signet ring being manufactured on request in our workshop, take into account a manufacturing lead time of 4 weeks following your order.

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